Safety Award Quest

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This quest is given by Pilgrim to all heroes. The quest is group-based, so it only needs to be done once for all the group members to get the reward.

The insignia will grant a weekly boost of +5% XP to all completing it.


  • Gather a regular party.
  • Once on Eragora proper, teleport to Ginormous Dingersen, go w, and follow Mayflower.
  • Once dumped into the air room, move down to enter area proper. Consult map on directions how to navigate the area.

The goal is to kill fish and eels. Condors, turtles and kelp do not have effect. When an appropriate number of fish and eels is killed, a shark will appear and track down the party.

Killing a shark has 15% chance to spawn the mega-shark ("a hungry megalodon"). This will be announced to the group with bright bold letters. The shark will spawn in the room called "A Crimson Stretch of the Ulexite Forest", which is d, 3w, d from the drop-zone where you started.

  • Locate the mega-shark after the announcement and kill it. Another announcement will appear stating you are to return to Pilgrim and claim the reward.
  • After the run, portal to Pilgrim, and have every group member tell pilgrim reward to gain the Safety Award Insignia.