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Quest Quick-Links Table
Quests: 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 Hero

Quest Area Reward Type Reward Notes
Aculeopteron Quest Aculeata Jatha-La Weapon Aculeopteron Large EHA group required.
Ancient Ring Quest Redtooth's Isle Armor Ancient Ring 50 Mana, +1 Wisdom. Complement to the Random Ring.
Gear rooms include corpse eating, breath, backstab, and scramble.
Arcana Excelsis Initiate Arcana Excelsis Insignia +3% mana regen Lasts until hero 250, can be completed at lowmort lvl 39
Arcanist's Focusing Staff Quest Citadel Of Arcanists Weapon Arcanist's Focusing Staff +150 Mana, +100 HP, two handed.
Black Circle Treasure Map Quest Pariah's Paradise Armor Fossilized Dragon Bones 4/4 HR/DR with 20 mana and saves.
If tanking in hit gear, do note the lack of any AC.
Clan Broch Quest Glyntaff Pass Insignia Clan Broch Honourary Rhyfelwr Insignia -50% death xp loss
Clan Gwenci Quest Glyntaff Pass Insignia Clan Gwenci Honourary Member Insignia +5% melee power (for 50 levels)
Collector Of Legends Quest Rim Armor Aura Of The Storyteller Lightweight 70 mana about body gear.
Deep-Sea Diver Quest Exploration Outpost Insignia +3% melee or spellpower Lasts throughout hero.
Domovoi's Treasure Quest Mervue Insignia 5 Quest Points. Access to Domovoi's Sleeves Of Knowledge upgrade.
Elemental Armbands Quest Deepways Armor Armbands Of Elemental Fury Exact prize depends on how quest is completed.
All varieties grant 40 Mana.
Fatewalkers Quest Cavern Of The Fates Armor Fatewalkers -20AC, +4 DR, so best hero tank and hit combined.
Lowbies watch out for the -200 moves penalty.
Far Hunter Tattoo Quest Rim Insignia A Quest Upgrade Upgrades Religious Artifacts Hunting Quest.
Fizzing White Potion Quest Tssasskkas's Lair Buff gear Fizzing White Potion this potions casts lvl 51 Sanctuary & Divinity
Flask Of Mushroom Juice Quest Abbaye Du Livre Healie Flask Of Mushroom Juice Cures poison and disease, and refreshes.
Great White Battle Axe Quest Ruined Lairs Weapon Great White Battle Axe Best sharpenable hero two-handed wield.
Half-Orc Redemption Quest Mountain Tunnels nothing nothing Negates Halfling Detective Quest and the appropriate insignia. Important for switching allegiance on Eragora.
Halfling Detective Quest Mountain Tunnels Insignia +3% xp Lasts throughout hero, as long as the player doesn't negate the quest. Grants halfling allegiance.
Halfling Redemption Quest Mountain Tunnels nothing nothing Negates Mountain Adventurer Quest and the appropriate insignia. Important for switching allegiance on Eragora.
Herbal Remedy Quest Battleground Healie Herbal Remedy Double Heal.
Hero Quest Hero Quest Armor Girth Of The Most Holy T1 everything for waist. Level requirement of Hero 500.
Heroic Dragonscale Skirt Quest Red Dragon's Lair Armor Heroic Dragonscale Skirt Best hero tank for legs.
Heroic Dragonscale Sleeves Quest Ancient Bronze Wyrm Armor Heroic Dragonscale Sleeves 3/3 HR/DR. Warriors etc. usually opt for Spiked Sleeves.
Heroic Dragonscale Slippers Quest Rim Armor Heroic Dragonscale Slippers 4/4 feet wearables, suitable for DR and HR gearsets.
Huge Samurai Sword Quest Shashwat Nisha Weapon Huge Samurai Sword 10DR Two handed.
Jaranon Great Sword Quest Tssasskkas's Lair Weapon Jaranon Great Sword Best sharpenable hero two-handed wield.
Jeweled Cross Quest Sir Michael's Stronghold Buff gear Jeweled Cross Prize casts protection evil on room.
Leather Of Crecy Quest Bloodsong Island Armor Leather Of Crecy Best archer gear for on body.
Beware corpse eaters and anti-magic rooms.
Lizardskin Belt Quest Deepways Armor Lizardskin Belt +33 HP with a splash of AC and saves.
Lizardskin Jerkin Quest Deepways Armor Lizardskin Jerkin About body with a little bit of everything (AC, saves, DR, HR).
Lord Audis's Final Offer Quest Gorn's Anchor Money & Treasure Diamond, Emerald, Topaz Totals 69,000 gold.
Mauve Mollusc Mukluks Quest Category:Halfling's Paradise Armor Mauve Mollusc Mukluks Equivalent to Fatewalkers with some extra features.
Mountain Adventurer Quest Mountain Tunnels Insignia -2 AC Lasts throughout hero, as long as the player doesn't negate the quest. Grants half-orc allegiance.
Mushroom Broth Quest Abbaye Du Livre Healie Mushroom Broth Double heal + Invigorate.
NaamAhn'Sa Token Quest Isle Of NaamBres'Shho Armor NaamAhn'Sa Token Equivalent to LeMans Family Seal with extra saves vs ice.
Namure's Collar Quest Gorn's Anchor Armor Namure's Leather Collar On neck, -15 AC, -50 save vs magic.
Archer required to skin a corpse.
Nautical Charm Quest Dream Steppes Armor Nautical Charm Decent hit/level gear for neck.
Beware the many hostile archers on the ship.
Order's Last Mission Quest Shadow Keep Insignia + ... Agent Of The Order Insignia + ... Insignia is cosmetic but there are other rewards.
Packet Of Elven Waybread Quest Transfigured Forest Healie Packet Of Elven Waybread Double Heal, and casts Giant Strength.
The ranger's room is highly dangerous.
Panacea Quest Greed's Gallows Healie Panacea Casts Divinity. (Heals 25 HP more than a double heal).
Red Velvet Cape Quest Borley Manor Armor Red Velvet Cape 70 Mana, same as unholy and pitch black robes.
Red Vial Quest Neraka Healie Red Vial Double Heal.
Religious Artifacts Hunting Quest Rim Armor Sea Priestess' Skirt Best leg mana gear available.
Restoring Mark V (Part 1) Quest Glyntaff Pass Weapon Lightning Strike or Serpents Tongue T1 Warrior/Bodyguard weapon, Double Hit or Chained
Restoring Mark V (Part 2) Quest Glyntaff Pass Insignia Touch Of The Heavenly Host Insignia Insignia with variable bonuses.
Safety Award Quest Exploration Outpost Insignia +5% xp Lasts for a week.
Sceptre Of Black Light Quest Forgotten One Armor Sceptre Of Black Light A Torch Of Flames for evil players. Quest involves wading through water rooms packed with mobs. Either slip through or tough it out.
Set Of Ruby Fingerblades Quest Greed's Gallows Armor Set Of Ruby Fingerblades A better Killing Gloves if you value AC over HR.
Shard Of Ulexite Quest Exploration Outpost Buff IMM-lvl atheist Steel Skeleton Useful on Eragora.
Shield Of The Tree Quest Transfigured Forest Armor Shield Of The Tree Ideal shield for casters.
Silver-Blue Dagger, "Ice" Quest Necropolis Weapon Silver-Blue Dagger, "Ice" 10 DR, best concealable piercer around.
A ticket for a Cats Eye Gemstone loads to boot.
Small White Flask Quest Abbaye du Livre Buff gear Small White Flask Prize gives hero level sanc and bless.
Smoldering Crown Of Dying Fire Quest Necropolis Armor Smoldering Crown Of Dying Fire Slightly better Teardrop Helm equivalent.
An anti-magic gear room prevents casters from soloing this.
Smooth Stone Tablet Quest Citadel Of Arcanists Buff gear Smooth Stone Tablet Prize gives sanc and endurance, good for soloing lowheroes.
Spirits Of Eragora Quest River Etuan Insignia, Gear Spirits Of Eragora Insignia Craft your own item.
Staff Of Fire Quest Citadel Of Arcanists Buff gear, armor Staff Of Fire Casts Frenzy on room. With 9DR, it can be handy to keep it worn on a run.
Staff Of Void Quest Citadel Of Arcanists Buff gear Staff Of Void Casts Dark Embrace on room. Pass Door continuous.
Staff Of Water Quest Citadel Of Arcanists Buff gear Staff Of Water Casts Water Breathing on room.
Storm Brew Quest Battleground Buff gear Storm Brew Casts sanc, armor, and giant strength.
Enough tickets for two prizes load in the area.
Sunken Treasure Quest Exploration Outpost Gem an aquamarine gemstone Fairly complex and difficult combat involved.
Suntamer Quest Mountain Tunnels Weapon Great Axe "Suntamer" A reasonably solid weapon.
Turtle Shell Amulet Quest Tortuga Cay Armor Turtle Shell Amulet Neck AC, slightly easier to get than the Carved Bone Necklace.
Bring an archer. You need to skin, but the corpse can't be moved.
Ultimoose Power Quest Moose Lodge Armor Ultimoose Power T1 hero hit for on body. Only doable once per character, per incarnation. Gear room is nospell and Ultimoose eats corpses.
Whale Whisper Quest Stormkeep Weapon Whale Whisper Fairly weak hafted weapon.


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