Septarch Spite Quest

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Perform the following:

  • c tele Septarch Spite
  • kneel spite
  • c tele duergar caravan master
  • n:w:n:w:w:d:w
  • get brooch cesspit
  • c tele sept spite
  • give brooch spite
  • (after next instructions)
  • c tele septarch envy
  • pull trapdoor
  • down
  • get notebook
  • c tele septarch spite
  • give notebook spite
  • get gemstone
  • receive 'Sept N'Tel'Sha Retainer'

Note: This quest is repeatable once per week.

This insignia seems to disappear on the gaining of either the other Sept N'Tel'Sha Insignia or any of the Sept Kwa'Xulu Insignia.