Sept N'Tel'Sha Insignia

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There seem to be two versions of this insignia, being;

  • Sept N'Tel'Sha Master Spy
  • Sept N'Tel'Sha Retainer

The Retainer is gained through the Septarch Spite Quest and seems incompatable with later versions of this insignia and also any of the Sept Kwa'Xulu Insignia.

The Master Spy is gained through a variation of the Septarch Animosity Quest and includes various enhancers to the insignia itself. These include;

  • 0 to 5% to experience gain.
  • 0 to -10 AC.
  • 0 to +3 to damage.
  • 0 to +3 to hit.
  • 10% protection against duegar
  • 0 to 10% hp regeneration rate

The exact combination is partially dependent of the path (master spy or agent, traitor gives none), character level (the lower the better bonuses) and a great deal of random chance.

For a hero 2 first-time quest completer, "Master Spy" gives is +10% protection from duergar, -5 ac, +3% xp. For another hero 2 first time completer at 8am/9am, it yielded +5% hp regen, 2/2 hr dr. For a hero 298 first time quest completer, "Master Spy" gives +5% protection duergar, -3 ac, +1% xp. A level 48 lowmort received +3 hr/+3 dr/+10% hp regen. Yet another hero 2 first-time quest completer (for this incarnation) at 7pm got +10% protection for duergar, -5 ac, +3% xp.

A hero 999 received +3% hp regen, +1/+1 hr/dr.