Silvak The Black Dragon

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Silvak rears before you. He is terrible to look upon, with huge glistening black scales, impervious to all but the most potent mortal weapons. His eyes gleam crimson as he spies you. His breath spews noxious acid. You feel the effects of dragonfear, and your legs start quaking fearfully.

Keywords: silvak, black, dragon
Level: 73
Alignment: Demonic
Flags: steadfast, mage
Affects: Sanctuary, Fly, Pass Door


 Silvak is using:
 <worn on finger>    [Pristine  ] (Invis) a ghostly ring
 Silvak is carrying:
 a flask of dragonsbrew
 an ancient scroll
 a fire-veined opal


Note that Silvak can tail, and hence stun you in combat.

There is treasure on the floor of his room:

 A beautiful orange-crimson sunfire jewel has been left here carelessly.
 A huge mountainous pile of gold, a dragon's hoard, lies here for the taking.


Area: Silmavar Labyrinth (Map)
Room: In a huge temple