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The diminutive Goblin emmisarry, Skratti stands here.

Diplomatic Corps

Skratti represents Goblins in the Diplomatic Corps.

Quest Clues

Level 10

Skratti exclaims 'Oh, <Handsome, Courageous Goblin>! You need to help me!'
Skratti cowers in the corner.  What is wrong with her now?
Skratti says 'A human has stolen my boots.'
Skratti says 'I need those boots, you know, to help me run...'
Skratti says 'Please find them for me.  Some other goblins have seen the human but, well...'
Skratti says 'They ran away, of course.  But...check near Grunka, and in other places
  goblins frequent.'
Skratti says 'Like maybe around Solace.  Yeah, maybe there.'
Skratti says 'Once you get my boots back, give them to that scary chap guarding this place.'
Skratti says 'He won't hurt you, but he'll give you something for me.'
Skratti says 'Go on now, hurry.  It's just not safe without my boots.'
Skratti tells you 'Psst, be prepared for a fight when you come back!'

Level 20

Skratti exclaims 'Oh, <Pure of Heart, Valiant Goblin>, my boots of
  walking-very-quickly-away-from-danger have been stolen!'
Skratti exclaims 'I can't stand to be without them!'
Skratti glances around fearfully.
Skratti says 'You're pretty brave - I bet you can find the human who stole them.'
Skratti says 'We last saw him...well, all my informant would say was "the woods are walking!"...'
Skratti says 'Of course...I also heard the human had taken a pirate ship out of Mervue.'
Skratti says 'I don't know what to believe!  You should be able to get my boots back, though.'
Skratti says 'Bring the boots to that scary guard and he'll give you something for me.'
Skratti exclaims 'Please hurry, and remember to be ready for anything when you come back!'

Level 30

Skratti cowers in the corner.
Skratti says 'I'm so glad you're here.  I know you can help me.'
Skratti says 'Something must be done about these thefts but really all I want is my boots back.'
Skratti says 'Think you can help?  Unfortunately the human who stole my boots took to the woods.'
Skratti says 'He ran off into the woods - with my boots on - east of Midgaard, but...'
Skratti sighs loudly.
Skratti says 'There are so many groves and things off Wildwood.  I hope you can find my boots.'
Skratti says 'If you do, bring them to the guard and bring me his token.'
Skratti exclaims 'Good luck, and please hurry!'
Skratti tells you 'Be careful and be ready when you return!'

Level 40

Skratti asks 'They are out to get me, why else would they keep stealing my boots?'
Skratti says 'I'm going to have to call in some help with these thefts, maybe get some better
Skratti says 'But not until I get my boots back!  I need you to find them again.'
Skratti says 'The human who stole my boots...this time he was seen near some ruins.'
Skratti says 'Of course, there are a lot of ruins out there, but this one was frozen.'
Skratti shivers uncomfortably.
Skratti says 'Bring my boots to the guard, please, he will see that I get them back.'
Skratti says 'He'll also give you a token for me.'
Skratti says 'Oh, please hurry back.'

Level 50

Skratti exclaims 'My boots have been stolen again!'
Skratti starts moaning.
Skratti exclaims 'I've asked a wizard to protect me better - man was he scary, all up in the
  sky like that!'
Skratti says 'Anyway, he'll protect me some, but I need the boots back before he can do anything.'
Skratti says 'Can you go looking for that human? Sverrecik and Urnash nearly had him but...'
Skratti says 'He ran off into the labyrinth, of course.'
Skratti says 'He may not be there anymore.  That nutty kobold leader may have spotted him, too.'
Skratti asks 'Tou'll find him and get my boots back, right?'
Skratti asks 'Please?'
Skratti exclaims 'Bring my boots back to the guard, then come see me again!'
Skratti exclaims 'You can do it!'
Skratti says 'And, just a reminder, prestige before you return if you wish to.'


Area: Diplomatic Corps (Map).
Room: A mission from the forests and dales (safe, cursed).

Walking route from Aelmon: 8n, 7w, [s], d, 2n, Xw, s


If you are exactly level 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50, and Skratti does not give you a quest when you first follow him, then you might have to call upon an Angel or Imm to help you.

 Ferrix runs in shouting VOTE for Avatar from the north.

 Skratti exclaims 'Please don't hurt me!'

 Skratti beckons for you to follow her.
 You now follow Skratti.
 Skratti exclaims 'I don't need any help right now, just don't hurt me!'
 Skratti says 'Maybe later, or maybe try down the hall.'
 You stop following Skratti.
 Ferrix stops following you.
 Skratti cringes away from Ferrix in mortal terror.
 Skratti exclaims 'Don't go, I'll fix it!'
 Skratti exclaims 'Okay, okay.  You can go.  I'm all ready, just don't hurt me!'
 You laugh.