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The Diplomatic Corps was founded on the grounds of the Midgaardia Olympics a full ten years after the last great racial war. Representatives from all Midgaardian races came together in Aelmon's sanctuary to hash out a plan to unite all nations and foster peace, friendship, and trade.

Building on the Corps hall was begun one year after the first meeting of representatives. All races put forth funds to build a grand gesture of peace. The hall is a huge monument to the power of friendship between the races. Ents and giants worked together to build the structure. Fae and orcs planned the interior. Gnomes and the beast races provided the surrounding flora and fauna. Gargoyles provided the intricate stonework. Ogres provided the brute strength required to move furniture. The reptilian races helped refine the security system and trained the guards.

Level Range: 10-50

Builder: Kasab


Walking route from Aelmon: 8n, 7w, [s], d, 2n, w.

Portaling point(s) suggested: None. 2w from Gnomish Tinker.



Two levels each running east/west with a room for each of the races that can run the quests.

Creatable races who can do the quests can find their ambassadors on the ground floor, except humans whose "ambassador" is upstairs. Remort races can find theirs upstairs.

Evolution races do not have representation.

Miraar will need to choose one race (by copying it), and do its complete series of quests.


This whole area is cursed and used to run quests for special bonus-bearing insignias.

These quests open at level 10 and each of the five quests needs to be completed within 10 levels. Ie. the first quest is lvl 10-19, second is lvl 20-29, third is lvl 30-39, fourth is lvl 40-49, and the final quest is lvl 50-Hero 9.

Skipping a quest is not recommended, since even failing one will reward the player with a free level.

For creatable races each of the 5 quests will give the player an insignia granting:

Upon reaching Hero 101, this insignia will fade to +3 to Wis, Int and Con (assuming you have at least four successes; three successes net +2 to each of these three stats), dispensing the need to wear leveling gear, and the HR/DR bonus will disappear. On eventual remort, the player will keep this insignia, so it can be stacked with the remort insignia.

For remort races each of the 5 quests will provide:

  • +1 to Strength, +1 to Dexterity, +5% to hp regeneration rate, +5% to mana regeneration rate and +5% to moves regeneration rate.

Upon reaching Hero 101, this insignia will fade to +3 to Str and Dex, and 3% to all regeneration rates, thus eliminating the need for most of the stat-gear.

Completing any creation or remort DC quest will also grant the player an approval from your ambassador for each quest. From Hero 1 to Hero 9 certain shopkeepers all over Midgaardia will emote the player so these can be turned in for quest potions (such as invincibility, steel, divinity, heal ii, etc). After Hero 9, these can still be turned in, but the mobs will no longer emote.

See the following:

Quest Giver Race(s) Item Wanted
Aeldiskaa Elves, Drow, and Half-Elves Aeldiskaa's fae starlight locket
Asterion Minotaurs Asterion's Cow Bell
Azrahrn Demonseeds Azrahrn's pitchfork
Bob Humans
Esseirt'u Sprites and High Elves Esseirt'u's wizard hat
FangJaw Ogres Fangjaw's Mother's Jaw
Genizah Golems
Hiisit Trolls Drawbridge Trap
Homa Griffins
Jherrdja Centaurs, Kzinti and Harpies Jherrdja's Gloves
Kauksis Draconians, Lizardmen and Troglodytes Kauksis' humanskin rug
Khazdul Orcs and Half-Orcs Khazdul's ceremonial dagger
Ljolsafar Dwarfs and Duergar Ljolsafar's personal pick-ax
Lorkimornysy Hobgoblins and Tuataurs lorkimornysy's horn of mischief
Midgaard Beastmaster Ents and Gargoyles The Beastmaster's Whip
NHUG! Giants Nhug's Drool Catcher
Nranthos Gnomes and Deep Gnomes
Quaghmos Dragons
Ralbo Breadhand Halflings ralbo Breadhand's court cookbook
Skratti Goblins and Kobolds Skratti's Boots of Fast Walking
Zzrk'alii Gith gem set diadem of immense power

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