Spirits Of Eragora Quest

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This is a hero quest, lords need not apply. The quest holds MANY variables but so far the results have shown to be consistent - there are no random results for a given action.

  1. Go to the Faceless Statue in River Etuan. It is located east of Asimov and is accessible during the day, and with proper detects.
  2. Once next to it, wake it up by addressing it with a keyword appropriately inscribed on its forehead. Communication with it is rather straightforward.
  3. You get to hunt relics! There appears to be a single relic per area, usually on bosses. So far 8 have been found. You will only get to imbue 3.
  4. Once you have 3 desired relics, return to it, wake it up and follow the instructions. At any point tell it to cancel to get the item into an unwearable (but identifiable) state, if you exit the chamber (through the pillar).
  5. Giving 3rd relic will finalize the item. You're done. Gain Spirits Of Eragora Insignia.
  6. Relics won't appear on mobs unless someone who has started the quest is in the group.

What IS the item? Always a gauntlet (hands slot), at lvl54, with major-ward, bless, dark, glow and magic flags. So far four have been found and they correspond to the player's class.


  • Arc, Fus, Sld: Gauntlets of the Farstrider, +5 HR. You are unable to give monocle and shawl to get 4 archery mods.
  • Wzd, Mag, Psi, Cle, Viz, Sor, Stm, Mnd, Shf, Prs: Gauntlets of the Magence: Blank.
  • War, Bod, Pal, Bzk, Bld, Mon: Gauntlets of the Predator: +3HR.
  • Asn, BCI, Rog, Dru: Gauntlets of the Moonstalker: +4HR.


What do relics do? They do different stuff for different classes (types of gauntlet). Table below has a list of tested combinations, so far. Feel free to fill in the blanks.

Mob/Item Farstrider Magence Predator Moonstalker
Deacon / Ulexite Monocle +held/+acc +3% healpower +3 DR +longshot/+acc; examin the gauntlets to see
Sou f'Fle / Bone Ring +5% resist cold +5% resist cold +5% resist cold +1% stealth
Zurik / Statuette Of The Hunter +1% hp regen +1% mana regen +1% hp regen +1% hp regen
Portia / Blood Amulet +5% poison resist +1% spellpower +1% meleepower +3 DR
Akrikto / Red Clay Helm +5% resist cursed +20 mana +20 mana
Tyrana / Sundew Shawl +crit/+ls -10 AC -10 AC
Overseer / Etched Obsidian Shield +2 STR/DEX +2 INT/WIS +2 STR/DEX +20 mana
Arakos / Bracelet Of Stone And Thorns -5% deathxp -5% deathxp -5% deathxp

Druids do not get +3% heal power from monocle; they get +longshot/+acc modifiers as listed in the table, nothing from helm. (My druid got +3% heal power moonstalker gaunts somehow...)

(Yes, even sorcerers get +3% heal power from the monocle.)