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As if propelled by a stiff wind, the clouds swirl and billow and turn themselves inside out. Spots of cold blue light pierce their way through the clouds, and the storm begins to emerge.

Hardly lowers resistance to electricity continuous [-10%]
Modifies hit roll by 5 continuous

Keyword(s): stormfront, dark, clouds.
Level(s): 50-52.
Type: light.
Slot(s): <used as light>.
Quality: 2 hps.
Weight: 0 lbs.
Flag(s): magic, anti-neutral, reinforced, spiritlink.
Mob: Lumoloth


The item skins from Lumoloth. Once you have skinned it, pay attention to following:

  • It has 2 HP. One sneeze or double gas and it's gone.
  • It skins spiritlinked. This prevents explosive uninsurement as long as you read its helpfile.


Area: Rim (map)