Tryystania The DracoLich

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Tryystania was a great and powerful Dragon Mage in her life, and the insane Millament has raised her, attempting to harness the stunning power of a DracoLich!

Keywords: lich, tryystania, dragon, dracolich.
Scan Description: (Flying) (Black Aura) The immensly powerful Lich Dragon cackles and attacks! (typo reported 5/30/06; and still there after an entire area revamp. Likely for nostalgia's sake.)
Level: 75.
Alignment: Demonic.
Flags: sentinel, freezing breath, aggressive.
Affects: flying, sanctuary, detect hidden, detect invisible, nightvision.


Tryystania the DracoLich is using:

<wielded>           the claws of the DracoLich
<held>              svlad's other gauntlet
Tryystania the DracoLich is carrying:
     the skull of Tryystania


This mob sees invisible, sneak and move hidden. She also has racial tail and casts blast of frost. In the same room is Millament who is hidden and a CORPSE ANIMATOR.

See Millament's description for info how to get to Tryystania.


Area: Cloud Dracoleum (Map).
Room: The bottom of the pit of bones

Walking route from Aelmon: 19n, 3e, 5n, u, e, u, w, n, u, n, u, 6n, w, u, n, u, e, u, n, w, u, n, u, s, 3u, 5n, u, e, [e], 2d.
Walking route from Svlad: 3n, u, e, [e], 2d.