Turquoise Mane

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Modifies mana by 50 continuous.
Modifies intelligence by 1 continuous.
Armor class is 9-12.

Keyword(s): turquoise, mane
Type: armor
Slot(s): <worn around neck>
Flag(s): glow, invis, magic
Weight: 5 lbs
Level(s): 49-53
Quality: 200 hps


Gear pops invisible.


Area: Desecrated Monastery (Map)
Mob(s): None (in a chest).

Portal Mountain Lion, n, 3w, s, [e], [u](locked but bashable and Pass-Door-able), 4u, [u], 4n. u, [s], e, s, [s], kill (aggie)Chaykin, get seal from corpse.

Next, go to the Statue Of Daido: 2n, e, [e], d, 3s, e.

From here, go n, {d}, w, n to enter a maze.

To get through the maze, go s, e, 2d, w.

From here, go south, kill Guardian Of Daido's Tomb (level 80, tails).

Get key from corpse, go south, unlock coffin, open coffin, get mane coffin.

The guardian is real pain since he not only tails, but now can kill you with his tail in one shot no matter your hp, ac and spells

You don't have to kill guardian to get this item. Speedwalk it and you can set recall to room with the chest and open it with your rogue. Use BCI quest kit for that to avoid death from detonator trap. Enjoy the easy way to get this overpriced hero mana item.