Watermark Tattoo

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A flowing tattoo of a wave is here.

Modifies damage roll by 8 continuous.
Modifies hit roll by 4 continuous.

Type: armor
Slot: arms
Extra flags: magic anti-evil
Weight: 0
Plane: Water
Area: Plane Of Water
Mob: Water Elemental Ruler

This item can be modified with a Demonic Lapis Lazuli and a lord perfect gem with the following two options.
Base of the final item is 27-30 depending on the perfect gem used and item is bound to creator.

pame - B27
peme - B28
psap - B28

Defensive - Enables the wearer to get werreboccler from the puddle north-east of Thorn center 1 day in 5.
Offensive - Enables the wearer to get a 5dr and 5kdr bonus insignia from the puddle 1 day in 5.

The exhaust is reduced the later in the day the boon is activated. It can be as little as a 1 day wait before it clears.

See Gear In Plane Of Water for more information.