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The Astral Plane is a place of free roaming nightmares and visions. It is the nexus point of all psionic magic, and as such, it is almost overrun by Githyanki seeking to use its power against the Githzerai. The Lich Queen has built a small stronghold on the outskirts of the plane.

Recently, the Fae of Arcadia have torn the Astral Realm from Midgaardia and made it once again, a free-standing plane. They have mounted a huge invasion to drive the Githyanki out.

Builder: Andi





Description of an XP run lead by Samchay by --Mel 00:48, 6 Mar 2006 (EST) I didn't really know this area so I thought I would document it.
Shift to Astral.
Watch NoumeA die at shift helplessly.
Pause for a moment for her to shift back.
Portal to gith soldier. (There are others.)
We got a nasy 5 mob room through portal.
Don't area in large rooms, gith aren't aggie.
Most of the mobs wield.
Gish aggie sleepers.
Small city has armory etc, rooms off to the sides are houses.
XP 12-25 for group of ~9 (tor) 

Mob name Level Wields Casts Extra
A Gith Soldier 140 No No  
A githyanki guardian 135 Yes Yes  
A githyanki knight 140 Yes Yes  
An evil gish 140 Yes Yes Wimpy, Not aggy unless sleeping
A warlock of the Gith 145 Yes Yes  
A pour soulless being 100 No No Not aggressive. At level 100, is too big to immolate but worth 0 xp.


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