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"As I suspected, the theoretical tangible recalls of Astral Space do, in fact, exist. All thoughts and emotions do leave a psionic print that manifests physically in the Astral Plane. If the emotion is truly strong, it will linger forever. Over time, these psionic manifestations of past events have all gathered together in one place (if you can define a place within the Astral Plane, but that is another thesis) that I call, 'Memory Lane.'

There are dangers there, to be sure, for lurking there are ghostly shadows of those who have left their mark on history, as I can attest personally due to my battle with Quixoltan. Luckily, these shadows can be dispersed with moderate ease, since I obviously could never have defeated the Feathered Serpent God in reality.

There is much to be learned there, but following the true path of history is difficult. I shall have to research how to follow the true path when time allows. There is more to this place than meets the eye."

-From the Log of Lady Astra

Builder: Dev


From Astral shift: 2nusd2wneuse2dnw2sd3endwn2u




Nagging notions surround the memory lane path, and most can be found off the path. If you kill all of the nagging notions, you will encounter The Thing that Time Forgot. This mob hits hard, but drops a top tier ring and a very nice hafted 2H weapon.


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