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A short while after the Closing of the Grim Gates of Hell, the Lizard Lord known as Bask returned bloody and broken from a Shift to Tarterus.

While healing under the care of Rietta, he is said to have muttered,

"She is free! Free!"

"Cannot be defeated now... too powerful"

"She and Anthraxus... may the Gods protect us..."

"The Garden... the garden... the garden..."

Builder: Dev


From Tarterus shift portal to Garden Gargoyle, or walk 1u, 1s, 3e and quaff the fountain. The rest of the garden lies south from this room, behind a locked gate. Check the dwarf on Thorngate before you shift. If he has the Cold Iron Key buy it from him. Otherwise you'll need to get the key from Anthraxus. See Gear In Garden for more information.


  • From Tarterus: 1u, 1s, 3e, quaff. Quaffing at the Gargoyle Guardians takes you back into Tarterus - to Anthraxus.
  • Temple Of The Council: Kill all servants within a repop for the portal to appear. Temple of the Council is the Demon quest area.
  • 2n2d2ed from shift to demogorg


The boneyard/hedge/grave maze, where you can find a lot of Digger Demons and the Black Armband, straight south and then first west from the gate. Directions to the Gravemaster: 4s, 3w, s, e, s. Alternatively, avoid the mazes and approach him from the other side: 8s, 2w, n, e, n.

The model of Midgaardia/Thorngate is 8s, 3e from the gate. This part of the area is less swarmy, and is home to the Stone Wings and Great Shield Tyranny. Straight directions to the statues: 8s, 3e, 5s, 4w, s.

If you go 2n from the statues you will hit The Ashes of Knowledge, sometimes relevant in the Fire Giant evolution quest.

See the map for the detailed overlay.


A great area for groups size 5 to 15. Home of the Stone Wings, Great Shield Tyranny, and Black Armband. See Gear In Garden for more information. The Digger Demons that roam parts of the garden are also very nice exp.


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