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Tarterus is the Demon homeworld. All imaginable types of vile Demons, Daemons and Demodands call this twisted plane their home. They are ruled there by the Dark Lord, Anthraxus, rumored to possess the legendary belt of souls and boots of planewalking.

Dangerous doesn't even begin to describe it.

Builder: Kylara


  • Ascension: w, 2u, 2n
  • Garden: u, s, 3e, quaff
  • Demogorgan / Anthraxus sub-area: 2n, 2d, e


Tarterus proper has a very simple layout: a 5 x 5 block in 4 layers, that loops in every direction. Between "second" and "third" layer is hidden a small ofshoot where Anthraxus and Demogorgon are hiding.

The room you land in upon planeshifting ("Drifting in an endless chasm") is cursed (NoRecall) and has one-way exits in all six directions. Unlike other rooms with the same name in the area it contains "A statue containing part of Anthraxus' essence":

 You look at a statuesque depiction of Anthraxus here...
 Covered in blue-green dragonscales, this statue flexes the staff of the
 lower planes in his right hand. The eyes placed within this lifeless
 statue burn strangely bright, as a bit of the real Anthraxus' essence is
 trapped here, weakening him and Tarterus.

Watch out for "A giant slavering dog prowls the courtyard" to the north on scan – that direction will take you into Ascension, a much more difficult area.


As of July 2013 this area has been made easier for solo and small group play. As part of these changes shift works differently, among other things. From Zahri's note:

Zahri has designed a version of Tarterus proper which is more akin to small groups and/or soloing. As expected, not every character can solo it (I'm looking at you, clerics and sprites) but it should be much easier. Experience has been lowered to match the lesser difficulty of the area and the area itself is no-hog for now. Please consider this a compromise to the lord conference we held earlier this year regarding solo and small group areas, and please consider this a BETA project.

One hint for the little ones - characters under level 26 will not themselves trigger ANY shift mob loading. One hint for all - killing will (eventually) cause unwanted attention.

Comments previous to the recent major area revision:

Various demons, all respond to the "de" keyword. Danger of demonfire.

Shift is not particularly tough (2 stationary mobs, always danger of more), but there is the problem with demonfire that can catch the incoming tank.

To visit Nexus of the Crisis, you can travel nnddee and enter portal (this is just above Demogorgon's cozy little corner).


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