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Quest Quick-Links Table
Quests: 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 Hero

Level Quest Area Reward Type Reward Notes
? Bottle Of Dizzying Tonic Quest Laboratory of Chalmus Buff Gear (?) Bottle Of Dizzying Tonic
20 Darklin Carapace Ring Quest Centaur Hollow Armor Darklin Carapace Ring AC and DR ring.
20 Manes Quest Midgaard Royal Library Money & Treasure Small Topaz Worth 4000 gold.
20 Old Parchment Quest Catacombs Of Solace Money & Treasure Small Moonstone Worth 6000 gold.
20 Orb Of Sunshine Quest Centaur Hollow Armor Orb Of Sunshine AC and Mana light.
20 River Folk Treasure Quest River Folk Money & Treasure Gems & gold totaling 6500 gold.
20 Ssithtarr's Fur Collection Quest Cryptid Hollow Armor, Insignia a ringmail tasset Must be completed by level 25!
Insignia is cosmetic only.
23 Gem Of Frozen Moonlight Quest Odevar Hills Armor Gem Of Frozen Moonlight Mana light.
24 Delicate Necklace Quest Odevar Hills Armor Delicate Necklace AC and DR necklace.
24 Discoloured Cloak Quest Odevar Hills Armor Discoloured Cloak
24 Flask Of Marlots Ol' Special Quest Mt Durr Healie Flask Of Marlots Ol' Special Potion gives Cure Serious, Cure Disease, Cure Poison.
25 Invitation To Imagination Quest Laboratory Of Chalmus Key Invitation To Imagination Required key for another quest in the area.
25 Set Of Three Loaded Dice Quest Mt Durr Armor Set Of Three Loaded Dice Held gear with 20 hps, saves, and HR.
25-30 Mervue Patrol Quest Mervue Insignia, Level Honorary Justice Guard of Mervue
Badge Of Mervue
Badge of Mervue is used to start the Midgaard Patrol Quest.
26 Eria Sceptre Quest Morgan Vale Armor Eria Sceptre HR/DR light.
Try not to die without the key available.
26 Legacy Of King Vorin Quest Mt Durr Armor Legacy Of King Vorin Best arm AC for much of lowmort.
27 Chainmail Morning Breeze Quest Odevar Hills Armor Chainmail Morning Breeze You need to be able to fly, breath water, and see invis.
27 Gargoyle Bracer Quest Lloth's Peak Armor Gargoyle Bracer Best AC for wrist for much of lowmort.
27 Rough Band Of Tin Quest Barrier Wastes Armor Rough Band Of Tin AC ring.