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Quest Quick-Links Table
Quests: 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 Hero

Level Quest Area Reward Type Reward Notes
42 Iadh Discovery Quest Gorn's Anchor Money & Treasure Small Topaz Worth 4000 gold. No combat, but you need to walk at least 1 room through an aggie zone.
42 Worn Black Cloak Tortured Terrain Armor Worn Black Cloak Prize is great hit gear for level 20ish, but inexplicably needs a higher level player to acquire.
45 Necklace Of Teeth Quest Cavern Of ManyJaws Armor Necklace Of Teeth Hit gear for neck, handy well into hero levels.
Be able to traverse water.
48 Lord Audis's Final Offer Quest Gorn's Anchor Money & Treasure Diamond, Emerald, Small Topaz Worth 69,000 gold.
48-Hero Orchid-Hilted Sword Quest Downward Spiral Weapon Orchid-Hilted Sword While it is hilarious to see both lowmorts and heroes needlessly splatting to the wandering aggies, do have the good sense to invis yourself.
48 Sceptre Of Black Light Quest Forgotten One Armor Sceptre Of Black Light Evil version of Torch Of Flames. Involves aggie filled underwater rooms, but the mobs aren't very tough. Sneaking past is best.