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Quest Quick-Links Table
Quests: 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 Hero

Level Quest Area Reward Type Reward Notes
10 - 19 Diplomatic Corps Diplomatic Corps Insignia and token DC Insignia Most important quest to do. This quest you should do every 10 levels (i.e. by lvl 19, 29, etc). Should be done on every character.
10 Mushroom's Mycelium Quest Mushroom Caves Healie Mushroom's Mycelium Prize gives cure serious and armor.
Quest spans multiple areas.
10 Good Luck Charm Quest Centaur Camp Money & Treasure Good Luck Charm
10-15 Pelt Quests Qanza Prairie Money & Treasure 100-250 coins Includes various ticket quests.
10 Unicorn's Blessing Quest Centaur Camp Healie Unicorn's Blessing Prize gives cure light and bless.
10-20 Solace Patrol Quest Town Of Solace Badge, Level Badge Of Solace Badge of Solace is used to start the Mervue Patrol Quest.
Don't complete at low TNL or you'll waste the free level.
11 Fresh Grape Quest Darklin Hole Healie Fresh Grape Prize gives cure light and refresh.
Area is cursed and can be tricky for lowbies to escape.
11 Guardian Of The Fae Quest Oak Circle Insignia Guardian Of The Fae Features two phases. After you're done in Sarphyre's Court, the quest isn't over!
11-19 Nyad Letter Quest Elven Foothills Insignia Insignia Varies Different insignias and gear depending on choices made.
12 Oak Leaf Medal Quest Westwood Outlook Armor Oak Leaf Medal Neck mana gear.
13 Mounted Jackalope Horns Quest Qanza Prairie Miscellany Mounted Jackalope Horns
14 Sealed Letter Quest Airways Treasure Topaz
15 Goblin Magician Quest Ascension Woods Money & Treasure 1 coin WOW! Don't spend it all in once place...
15 Konk's Gigantic Clobberin' Stick Quest Centaur Hollow Weapon Konk's Gigantic Clobberin' Stick Heavy and blunt, good for smashing if you're a Bzk who can learn it early enough.
15-20 Well Crafted Qass Short Spear Quest Qass Tomb Weapon Well Crafted Qass Short Spear Hafted weapon with +2 Constitution.
Wearable at level 15, but mob is level 20 and wields.
16 Orb Of Sunshine Quest Centaur Hollow Armor Orb Of Sunshine One of the few AC lights.
17 Darklin Carapace Ring Quest Centaur Hollow Armor Darklin Carapace Ring
17 Scale Shield Quest Westwood Armor Scale Shield
17 Glowing Unicorn Horn Quest Westwood Armor Glowing Unicorn Horn Prize is +1 Int/Wis level gear, with detects.
17 Set Of Woven Moss Sandals Quest Moss Village Armor Set Of Woven Moss Sandals +2 dr, -1 Dexterity
17 Waterskin Quest Qanza Prairie Healie Waterskin Prize gives cure disease.
18 Stone Serpent Quest Ruins Of Keresh Money & Treasure Small Moonstone Worth 6000 coins.
20 Walking Woods Plague Quest Walking Woods Weapon Stonehall Hammer Prize is a blunt one-or-two handed weapon.
Beware: boss animates corpses.
20 Ssithtarr's Fur Collection Quest Cryptid Hollow Armor, Insignia a ringmail tasset Must be completed by level 25!
Insignia is cosmetic only.
20 Iridescent Unicorn Horn Quest Westwood Buff gear Iridescent Unicorn Horn Wand with 9 charges of cure poison.
Verdissis is tough for a lvl 20 mob, and breathes.
? Centaurish Map Of Westwood Quest Westwood Miscellany Centaurish Map Of Westwood (?) Incomplete
? Slayer of Stories Quest Brothers Grimm Insignia and XP Insignia and XP Quest will give you a Slayer of Stories cosmetic insignia, together with 1500 exp.