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Wet, dark and deep. A perfect place existing under the hills east of the sunny meadow for mushrooms that have evolved into a life form.

Level Range: 5-10

Builder: Mega

This area was revised in 2006 Mar.


Walking route from Nom: s, 7e, u, n, 3e, d, s, d, n, [get boat], n, w.

Walking route from Sol: 15e, 2s, 3e, u, n, 3e, d, s, d, n, [get boat], n, w.

Portaling point(s) suggested: dirty troll, myconoid shaman.




This area is often only entered for the gear in it, particularly the mushroom-shaped amulet, the red-eyed jewel, and the copper bracelet.

There are some mobs to be killed for exp, namely the goblins and the blind fish.

n3ws from the entrance is the area where the myconoids are. They are easy to kill and will flee, but they will drop your align. At the end of the land is the myconoid shaman, who has the very useful mushroom-shaped amulet. He's sanced but not incredibly difficult.

n5wsw from the entrance will lead you towards the Dirty Troll. He's got a wield and hits HARD - be careful killing him unspelled. If you manage to kill him, you can loot his glowing suit of banded mail (+str on body gear), and his wield.

n2w2n2w2n from the etrance will lead you towards the Growling Orc. He has the copper bracelet (wrist hit gear), and the red-eyed jewel (held +2int gear) is down from the orc. There are also various other not-so-useful gems in that room, which can be sold at the jeweller for a bit of cash.

See each item's individual page for more-detailed information.


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