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Finding that travelling the surface roads was in fact taking longer than it had to, the dwarves of Mt Durr set out to dig out a straigher route beneath the surface to the Dwarven Daycare near the meadow. Several other towns that are along the way have taken advantage of these tunnels, and they have become a safe trade route as well as a shorter journey.

Level Range: 6-12

Builder: Copycat


Walking route from Nom: s, 7e, 2s, e, 4n, w.

Walking route from Sol: 11e, 2s, 7e, 2s, e, 4n, w.

Portaling point(s) suggested: caravan guard.


The Underway Tunnels is another connector area used mainly as a shortcut between the five areas it joins: the Dwarven Day Care, Wayside, the Village of Gnimh, Deephome, Deepways, and Mt. Durr.


This area is a very simple connecting area. Quite simply, it is comprised of four tunnels which lead from one area to another. The northern most tunnel leads to Mt. Durr, the western leads to the Village of Gnimh, while the eastern leads to Deephome. The southern route itself splits. The south-west tunnels leads to Wayside and the south-east connects to Dwarven Day Care.

Most people who are seeking this area will probably enter from the Dwarven Daycare tunnel, though it is also possible that characters may stumble in from Wayside or Village of Gnimh. The Mt. Durr entrance is well hidden and people are unlikely to stumble across it by accident. In fact, the only real reason most people will enter this area on purpose is to get to Deephome as all of the other areas are just as easily, if not more easily accessed via the surface.


There are a number of merchants of different races, and a dwarven mother near the day care dropoff who should be easy pickings for a lv. 6-8 char. However, stay away from the guards - they have a ton of hp, and can beat you up bad with their wields.

There really isn't any gear worth mentioning, and only a half-dozen or so mobs that can safely be killed. It's worth taking a few seconds if you're wandering between areas to kill some mobs, but don't come here looking for xp.


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