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Drunk with the excitement of sneaking through Goblin Pass, unseasoned adventurers mistook this company of ents as a forest, and a haunted one at that, and dubbed it the Walking Woods. The goblins gradually took refuge in the glen (and the ents) in order to better prey on passing adventurers until Silverbeard of Stonehall dispatched a crew of rangers to end their harassment. Unfortunately, none of those dwarves have been seen since they entered the Walking Woods. Recently, the rumors of the wood being haunted have been taken more seriously, and even the goblins of Goblin Pass seem reluctant to retreat into the glen.

Level Range: 15-20

Builder: Neyne

This area was created for an area-building contest in 2005.
This area was added in 2006 Mar.


Walking route from Nom: 4s, 6e, s, 2e, s, 2e, n.
Walking route from Sol: 15e, 5s, 2e, s, 2e, s, 2e, n.
Walking route fro Aelmon: 17w, n.
Portaling Point suggested: Terrified Goblin.


The only way in is from Highways/Great Wall (Woodbridge Road), but it should be noted that there is no way to walk out of this area.


The Walking Woods consist of a small forest clearing and a hidden underground cavern. The clearing itself is composed of two levels, the glen at ground level which is dominated by an enormous tree on its north side, and the forest canopy higher up. The giant tree is partially hollow, and some underground areas can be accessed through it.


The forest glen has fallen victim to the blight of the undead. Zombified goblins and undead ents mindlessly wander here. If adventurers are especially perceptive, they might find some ents still untouched by undeath slumbering nearby. A giant tree to the north has some uninvited guests; two entrances lead to two underground caverns, both of which contain some undesirable encounters. High above the glen, Captain Balgaar, who takes part in a quest for a level 20 one-or-two handed blunt weapon, and his team of rangers hold their ground against the roaming undead below.

Due to the fact there are no exits from this area beyond the first room (Looming Trees), it is advisable to use this as a recall set point for quick escape and return to the area. Most of the area is easily recallable from, apart from the great tree to the north.


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