Animal Handler Quest

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This quest confers the Eragora - Animal Handler to the entire group completing it, and is located within Rapture on Eragora.

Simply find a proper docile mob and decide to open a butcher shop. If you survive, you get the insignia and its bonus. Be aware at least one of the mobs stomps (company of catoblepa)

This quest begins with killing one goat and ends with killing "the united army of the remaining fauna" ("(White Aura) Everything has just arrived. Everything.") At least one of the mobs in the room eats corpses. It was straightforward to complete with 5 small fusiliers hitting and a 999 mage tanking, with one hitter's death along the way.

If you try to complete this quest with shadowed lords, you'll spawn a level 145 mob called a "terrifying sussurus", with message " The death echoes through the marshes, and you hear a slithering sound. Apparently, vegetation approaches." Not sure what happens next (my group died).