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Ah! The lost, forgotten continent of Eragora on the eastern edges of the Sea of Strayed Hopes. Unearthed due to seismic activity attributed to the geomancer Tannah Machadae, this land is truly a sliver of time straight from the past, populated for eons by warring half-orcs and their slaves, the halflings. Eragora is only accessible by ferry, which can be caught from the docks of Mervue.

NOTE: Spellbots are not permitted on Eragora. You must be at your keyboard and viewing your Avatar screen to spell up others!

Eragora is a collection of areas that were part of a Hero Area Building Contest, initially released in May 2011, as well as those areas produced afterwards. Most of the areas are player made.

Eragora areas function using somewhat different rules than the rest of Midgaardia, be sure to read about them below.

Eragora Areas

Area Soloable (1) Danger / CR difficulty (2) Comment / Comparison
Sphynx Gate - - The introductory area.
Eragora Walkways All @ 101+ Trivial CR (mercy) The primary connector area. Good for small groups.
Akrikto's Farm All @ 101+ Trivial CR (mercy) Eragoran Tortuga Cay. Seriously.
Arx Nivea All @ 101+ more info. Be careful at night.
Exploration Outpost Some @ 999, need 3-6 superheroes for rest. Auto-CR Incredible fun, powerful quests. Do with a small/large group (sea/ship).
Halfling's Paradise All @ 999 Auto-CR in Deacon's room, other CR can be a pain. The quest might need a caster-heavy group, otherwise regular group.
Halfling Tunnels All @ 750+ Auto-CR Do with a large brutish group.
Healing Springs All @ 101+ Auto-CR Solo / exploration / adventure!
Moonbay Village All @ 750+ Auto-CR Large solo / small group adventure!
Mountain Tunnels Maybe @ 999 Difficult CR (swarmy, many aggies along the way) Do with a small but powerful group. Often messy and quite hard.
North Rhuien Forest All @ 300+ No CR, Respawn at entrance Entire area is cursed and cannot be teleported out of.
Quarries and Mines All @ 300+ Auto-CR Regular group. Gassy environments (watch out splats!).
Rapture Primary @ 300+ Trivial CR (mercy) Small solo/duo adventure, one large group quest.
Rhuien Forest All @ 300+ Easy CR (mercy, aggies along the way) Read description to avoid deaths when passing Gate! Also, adventure here with a solo sorcerer (all saintly mobs).
River Etuan All @ 101-999 Trivial CR (mercy) Connector area, easy mobs, quite soloable.
Sun God Altar All @ 750+ Trivial CR, more info. Read description for CR information. Otherwise Lairs equivalent.

(1) Soloable represents the technical difficulty of a reasonable solo caster (or other easily soloable-class) to explore all rooms, reach all mobs, kill all mobs, and complete all quests (ie. explore and farm gear). Some quests simply cannot be done by a single character due to time or other constraints. You are of course the best judge of your own capabilities so take these numbers only as a rough guideline. This does NOT represent danger (death/gear-loss) of an area.

(2) With so many areas performing auto-CR and the statloss reduced by 50%, actual danger of Eragora is (and has always been) quite low. Only some areas will require an involved CR, but it's nothing that a solo character couldn't handle. However, to avoid deaths if you are small, do read up on the areas you intend to run. As for the actual dangers of the areas, a regular group will have little difficulty running all but the hardest areas (bring a healer if required).

Major differences versus Midgaardia

1. Transportation

Players are not expected to travel between Midgaardia (and its Sanctum!) and Eragora often due to relatively high (material) costs involved and time required to cross the ocean. One cannot teleport/portal/nexus between Eragora and Midgaardia.

Transportation spells will function normally once in Eragora proper, i.e., past the gate, and will function only within Eragora proper.

Lords are able to homeshift from Eragora and then planeshift back onto Midgaardia, but this is only a method of exiting, not entering Eragora.

2. Eragora Default Recall

Eragora is a separate continent and has a separate default recall point. It is positioned in the middle of Eragora Walkways (map) - basically the center of all Eragora, and is an infirmary and safe.

Some areas are non-recallable. This means a player can recall to them, and within them, but not out of them, functioning oppositely to cursed rooms.

3. Spells and Bots

Spellbots are forbidden on Eragora. Players desiring to explore Eragoran areas should have means to self-spell, or should rely on other players for their spells.

The process of crossing the gate into Eragora proper will ablute the player. Thus, it is impossible to import spells from bots in Sanctum, for example.

For soloing players, all Eragoran areas may be more difficult to handle than their Midgaardian level-based counterparts due to (generally) lower AC and missing spells from self-spelling. Prepare accordingly.

4. Local Clouds and Auto-CR

Every Eragoran area has an unique local cloud - a death room where the player spawns after he dies. These clouds are always within the area where the player died, a feature first encountered in areas such as Graves of Reveria.

Akin to Graves, some areas (about a half of them) will also move the player corpse to the player into that local cloud room - thus performing Auto-CR. This behavior is largely area-dependent and should be read about in advance at specific area pages.

One thing to be wary of is that some of these death rooms are anti-magic, and often accessible only on death. Players with overloaded corpses (either very heavy items (weight limit) or very many items (item limit) will not be able to cast giant strength (for strength) or adrenaline pump (for dexterity) and retrieve all gear.

Tip: If this happens to you, donate excess gear, relog to an alt and retrieve the excess gear from donation room in Sanctum. Alternatively, try switching gear sets to see if any of your gear has a strength or dexterity bonus on it. Some players deliberately include an item of statistic boosting gear in their gear sets or bags for situations like this.

5. Eragora Affects

Hand of God is permanently disabled on Eragora.

Eragora currently has +10% Experience bonus, and statloss is reduced by 50%.

Getting to Eragora

Primary Method

Go to Ent's Bank and withdraw an amethyst (slow transport) or a catseye (rapid transport). Go 4s and give the gem you chose to Charon, which will take you over the sea on his ferry. Be sure your entire group is in Charon's room since once the ferry takes off anyone left behind will need to pay for another trip. The passengers need not be grouped to be taken across, just be in the same room.

Once you arrive, you will be at Sphynx Gate. This is the starting/introductory/philosophical area, that may warrant attention for some players.

Move one south and all eastwards to encounter the twin Sphynx. See the Sphynx Gate info to help you survive the process of entering Eragora proper (in short, send largest characters first to clear the other - potentially aggie - side).

Note that upon entering Eragora you will receive the temporary insignia A trauma upon your spirit, which will prevent you from leaving Eragora via the usual method (until it expires, which isn't too long).

Secondary Method

Note: Questing is required to enable this.

Those with access to means to draw divine attention to themselves may be able to use the aging deity's frail eyesight and trick them into intercontinental travel. To do this one needs to reach a place of power on Eragora - a nexus of divine energies.

This method is as instantaneous as it is safe.

Escaping Eragora

Getting through the Sphynx Gate is trivial, getting out may not be for many.

Primary method: The easiest way used to be to portal to Rainbow Plant, which is a stationary (non-agggressive) mob 2e from the gate – however there are now other mobs with the same name, some of which are not portable. Try 2.rainbow, 3.rainbow, etc. The portal should go to "The base of an emergent tree". You may be aggied by a wandering mob so prepare accordingly (be spelled or have other players to help you). You can also walk from Eragora Default Recall fairly easily (check the Eragora Walkways Map).

Alternative method: A secondary portal point is Guardian of Eragora, an aggressive mob which roams the Rhuien Forest. Look portal before entering since there is another (also aggressive) guardian in Halfling's Paradise. If the portal shown describes a forest, you have portalled to the correct one. Sneak, go westwards and consult map on the quickest way out.

Secondary method: Questing is required to enable this. Those with access to means to draw divine attention to themselves may be able to use the aging deity's frail eyesight and trick them into intercontinental travel. To do this one needs to reach a place of power on Midgaardia, related to the deity with poor eyesight. This method is as instantaneous as it is safe.

Lords: Homeshift.

If the twin Sphynx do not react when you enter their room, you are invisible. Become visible, exit (go east) and enter again (go west).

If successful, you will emerge back in the Sphynx Gate area, from where go all westwards and then one south to meet Kharon. Say "Mervue" and he will ferry you to Mervue, Midgaardia.


Most of the Eragoran areas are connected to the Eragora Walkways, which serves as a connector area. Among exceptions is the Sphynx Gate, which connects to the Rhuien Forest, which in turn connects to the Eragora Walkways.

Navigation within the continent functions normally, but non-lords lack means to exit the continent, except via the Sphynx Gate where they came in. Eragora has no access to Sanctum, the Cloud or other Midgaardian necessities - see above for details.


Areas are not designed to accommodate mortals or low heroes due to a lack of trainers, issues with self-spelling, and average mob size. However, in groups and with spellup characters, even lowhero groups can run the less-dangerous areas of Eragora.

Self-spelling and spelling via spellup alts means a different tempo of running than most players are used to. General Eragoran difficulty will depend on the party composition - a diverse group is likely to fare well.

You can see what players are currently in Eragora with the command 'who zone'.