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This is taken from the latest edition of the 'Antharian Archives'... The kingdom of Antharia, one the new discoveries of the modern world, has a very interesting history. Being one of the oldest races of beings in existence, they have much knowledge that we do not, and much knowledge that they no longer posess. We can see this more clearly by studying a bit of the history of the capital city, Antharia. About a thousand years ago, Antharia was a very productive and thriving kingdom, so old that many problems that face most kingdoms had been solved. The Realm was ruled by what they called a constitutional monarchy. They had a king, who worked as a figurehead and public leader. However, the true working laws and policies were dictated by a two councils: The High Council of Wizards, and the Holy Order of Priests. These two groups worked very well together, and made Antharia one of the best places to live. It was these councils who made the discovery that would change the lives of every Antharian. It was discovered that there was going to be a major upheaval of the world's outer crust, which would make the whole country of Antharia, which was actually a big island, in essense, sink into the ocean. Fearing for the lives of their citizens, the councils worked quickly to come up with a solution to the disaster. After many months of searching, it was decided that there was only one solution: the wizards would have to combine their power to create a "Gem of Salvation". This gem would, in essence, keep the whole city of Antharia with air, even underwater -- a dome, if you will. However, this also forced the government to make the decisions of who would be able to live and who would die...the city could only hold so many people. The Antharians are very hesistant to talk about this time in their history. Understandbly, it was very hard to make those decisions; therefore, much of the next few decades are lost to us. However, there was to be an even more dramatic change in the lives of the Antharians. As the Antharians were getting used to living in an underwater city, the council of wizards made another discovery which almost cost us the culture of Antharia forever. The gem was working, but getting weaker with every day. Not anticipating this, the wizards again started looking for solutions to this problem. With the help of the priests of Anthar the wizards came up with the solution that created the Antharian people that we know today. They had decided that the only way of saving their people was to transform themselves into Creatures that could breathe water. However, this process took the powers of all the wizards of Antharia, and that meant that none of the wizards could be transformed. Knowing that this was the only hope for their people, the wizards made this sacrifice. The Day of Transformation is still celebrated as a holiday to this day -- and the wizards who gave up their lives are revered in loving memory. We are lucky that these wizards took time to teach their students the way to take care of the Gem. It was altered to simply provide stable gravity and protection from predators and falling debris. The gem is still functioning to this day.

Level Range: 41-51

Builder: Amadeus


Walking route from Aelmon: 35s, 2w, d. (note: crosses water terrain)

Portaling point(s) suggested: Suretin.


Antharia connects to the Sea of Strayed Hopes at its most southern point, due south of Suretin, and to the Antharia Zoo in the northwest corner, requiring a ticket from the Zookeeper to be purchased to enter.



This is a level suited for a wide range of players, similar to Igecsoz. pp antharia works just fine.

The room of Suretin is safe, good for setting your recall.

Note that the Antharian Children begin to assist against players once you reach level 35, and Sucker Fish once you reach level 36.

  • Antharian Child, level 39.
  • Human, Dwarven, Elven Representatives, level 40.
  • Gnome, Hobbit, Bureaucrat (Antharian Rep) Representatives, level 42.
  • Antharian citizen, level 45.
  • Antharian Knight level 70.

In times past, the five shopkeepers (Cyrtpea, Irghum, Ertuvia, Heaustf, and Zaertses) were all level 99 and so provided excellent experience at hero level. For reasons known only to themselves, the Imms lowered their level to 55 (Ertuvia is slightly bigger), but left Heaustf unchanged (save for adding a tail attack - also on the knights). Therefore, he's the only worthwile experience in Antharia proper; the Zookeeper northeast of the area is level 80, the only other mob worth killing.


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