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Many rare and exotic animals were collected long in the past by the great councils of antharia before it sank into the ocean. They were moved into a large zoo which was used to protect them for centuries from any threat. Until recently the zoo was off-limits to outsiders as a way to prevent any harm from coming to the animals. Things have changed and the council now feels it is time to open it's gates and let foreign visitors pay to view the species and thereby maintain the zoo's ever rising maintenance costs. For a small fee anyone can now come view the birds and fish and forest dwelling creatures long since thought to be extinct. Only one species has been seen outside of this menagerie in recent times, but never has anyone seen such a marvelous example of what the varans were before nearly all of them died on the surface. Specially trained staff try to care for and feed the animals a very strict diet. They do their best to insure no visitors disturb the zoo's exhibits. Souvenirs are also sold for children out of the zookeepers cabin located within the zoo past the glacial aquarium.

Level Range: 45-51

Builder: Ducer


Walking route from Aelmon: 35s, 2w, d, 2n, 3e, 5n, 3e. (note: crosses water terrain)

Portaling point(s) suggested: Antharian Zookeeper.



To enter the area, you have to buy a zoo pass from the zookeeper and unlock e.


While the tourists in this area are excellent xp for solo or duo from levels 34-42 (tourists start assisting at 42), the other mobs found behind the locked cages are generally hero level and aggressive, particularly the fish in the aquarium east of the entrance. You cannot flee from these, and they are corpse eaters, so if you have the pass door spell avoid accidentally walking into their area (the entire map is a square; the outside of the square has the tourists, the inside the fish, and northwest, southwest, and south are the non-aquatic animals). The best non-aggie xp is found in the southern & southwestern cages: the Janath Plains Rats, Largonaths, Leonaths all average 600-700xp solo in late 30s, but these hit hard and can survive multiple surged acid blasts. The Owlbears, knots, and especially the Greater Varan in the southwestern cages are extremely hard to kill at lowmort, hit hard, and the Varan tails, gasses, and is invis. The rest are all aggressive. The northwestern cage contains various birds, of varying difficulty. No aggies. Steve! is level 70s and unsanc'ed.


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