Approval From Your Ambassador

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A note of approval about character from representative lies here.

Keyword(s): token, ambassador, approval.
Level(s): 10.
Type: trash.
Quality: 100 hps.
Weight: 5 lbs.
Flag(s): none.

A Tradeable Quest Item

This item is received each time you complete a Diplomatic Corps quest.

After reaching Hero, certain shopkeeper mobs will speak to the player upon entering the room (not all the time, one may have to reenter the room a few times to trigger their speech). They usually ask "Anything to trade?", indicating they will exchange the approval for a quest potion. The potion will be bound, so only the character which did the DC quest can drink it. Also take special care when swapping gear between alts and quitting, as the bound potions cannot be saved by another character and will fall to the floor.

These potions are especially important to those players wishing to defeat the Ultimate Dragon, since these may be the only sources of certain spells, in potion form.

Shopkeepers have one or two potions in stock, and will trade a random one for the approval - receiving the desired potion is a matter of luck.

All potions hold a lvl 60 spell.

Incomplete Trade-in Shopkeepers

Kanih (Sir Michael's Stronghold) - divinity, invincibility

Celestial (Alpha Thule) - divinity, heal ii

Visitor From Solace (Padmasa) - divinity, sanctuary

Bram The Wandering Trader (Gorn's Anchor) - divinity, holy sight

Lars The Supplier (Icewolf) - sanctuary, steel skeleton

Angelika (Graw Akkuurattaan) - bless

Guardian (Borley Manor) - barkskin, steel skeleton

(more probably exist)