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Due east of the Meadow is a tunnel leading north underground to Mt Durr. Near the opening of this path is a small cave where the Dwarves leave their young in the care of trained Dwarven nannies.

Level Range: 3-5

Builder: Sandman


Walking route from Nom: s, 7e, 2s.

Portaling point(s) suggested: nanny.


This area is connected to the Meadow, Underway Tunnels, and the Murky Lair.


Most of the area is fairly uniform, where most of the mobs are. There is a down exit in the southwestern part of the area that leads to the maze with the Tiamat Mask. East of the entrance to the Daycare is a path that leads to the Underway Tunnels. There is a down exit in the Kitchen that leads to the Murky Lair. See the map for more details.


While this area is not necessarily experience heavy, it does contain a few pieces of gear which are very helpful for starting characters. The pink ice ring can be found on various dolls and gives +1 str and +6 hp and the linen robe, +1 wisdom and +5 mana, and amber potion, armor and cure light, can both be found on the nanny. The Tiamat mask, +1 dr, is also around this area.

The bears and soldiers will assist, and the nanny can be a difficult fight for small players.


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