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It is said that to the west of Stonehall, there is a sacred circle of oak trees where dwell a clan of sprites. Whether this is true, ye shall have to see.

Level Range: 8-10

Builder: Crom


Walking route from Nom: n, 9w, n.

Walking route from Sol: 2e, n or n, w, [w].

Portaling point(s) suggested: sprite guard (note: there are two).


Oak Circle is most commonly accessed from Stonehall from the east. However, it also has links to Fewmaster's Folly along its southern border and Westwood along its western and northern borders.


Starting from the east, follow the wooded trail west and under the river to reach Oak Circle proper. Here, four giant oaks form a glade. Exits from the areas can be found by simply walking from the centre of the glade in any direction. Access to the upper floors of the sprites' home can be gained by an opening in each tree as you walk away from centre of the glade.

The northwest and southwest tree connect on the second floor, as do the northeast and southeast trees. On the third floor, it is the northern trees which connect and the southern. On the fourth floor, the northeastern tree connects to both the northwestern and the southeastern.

It is only the northeastern tree which goes all the way to fifth, and top, floor - also known as the Star Room.


This area holds nothing of any interest in the way of equipment. However, due to its proximity to Stonehall, Sol's free spell-ups for characters level 10 and under, and the fact that all the mobs are unarmed (apart from the sprite watching the path), it is a good place to gather XP.

Starting with the deer and squirrels, you can move up to the sprites which tend to be tougher in order of their age. The sprites have a tendency to assist and they are good, so will lower your alignment. If so, a quick trip down to Fewmaster's Folly will quickly help to return your alignment to good once more.

This area is a good testing ground before moving on to the more dangerous Westwood. If you can't deal with everything here comfortably, then you are probably not ready to head into more dangerous territories.


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