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<used as light> Eye Of Illusion (13) or Soulfire (Blue) (13)^
2x <worn on finger> Enchanted Soul (11)^, Strand Of Haghair (8)
2x <worn around neck> Eagle-Eyed Pendant (10)^, The Spirit Guard (7)^, Amulet Of Guiding Wind (7), Amulet Of Imagery (5)
<worn on body> Pelt Of Flame's Perfection (8) or Nightsky Cuirass (5) or Leather Of Crecy (5, Hero level)
<worn on head> Kzintium Circlet (15) or Silvery Helm (12) or Visor Of Piercing Sight (7)
<worn on legs> Gossamer Leggings (8)^, Pair Of Tuataur Battle Pants (5)
<worn on feet> Lava Striders or Silver Boots (Lord) or Slagwalkers
<worn on hands> Ultimate Archer's Gauntlet (Lord) (10/4m), Gauntlet Of Icicles (10/2m), Gauntlets Of Mad Certainty (8/3m), Lightspeed Handwraps (8/m) Gloves on the Seneschal (7/5m)^
<worn on arms> Hazy Crystal Sleeves (11/2m)^, Assassin's Armband (Specialized)(9/3m), Twice Coiled Rat Tail (8/2m), Shaleskin Arm Guard (8/3m)
<held in offhand> none
<worn about body> Robe Of Magnificence (8), Forest Green Cloak (7)^, Cloud Of Dancing Shards (5) or Aura Of Domination (4, 5 Str)1
<worn about waist> Mithril Crusted Tool Belt (8)^, Belt Of Souls (5/2m)
2x <worn on wrist> Mark Of Insanity (9)^, Guard Of The Demogorgon (8)
<wielded> See Lord Bows
<held> See Lord Arrow Types

Some of the lord hitgear has hr mods as well, which can be used in place of the pieces listed above.

Also, archer mods are based on an item's level, so you can also enchant hero archer gear with archer mods up to lord level, and use that effectively until you get actual lord archer gear.

^ These items are only found in temporary Shard Areas.

1The strength bonus on this item might be useful for users of heavily restrung bows in some situations.

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