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<used as light> Flaming Phoenix Feather
2x <worn on finger> Ring Of The Burning River (5/5), Rotting Ring (4/4), Signet Of The Oblivious Defender (4/0)
2x <worn around neck> Ice Collar
<worn on body> Tuatar Battle Tunic
<worn on head> Helm Of The Oblivious Defender
<worn on legs> Pogonascale Greaves, Silver Leggings
<worn on feet> Coarse Leather Boots (hr3, dr6), Boots Of The Righteous Path (hr0, dr4)
<worn on hands> Githyanki-Leather Gloves, Ripped Pair Of Gloves (hr5 dr6 ac-10)
<worn on arms> Mark Of Madness
<held in offhand> See Lord Weapons
<worn about body> Cloud Of Dancing Shards or Aura Of Domination
<worn about waist> Gold Belly Chain, Clasp Of Eternal Anguish
2x <worn on wrist> Baleflame
<wielded> See Lord Weapons
<held> Ice Hound's Tooth

Fill in the empty slots with hero hit gear.