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<used as light> Starshard (-75) or Fragile Golden Lantern (-75)
2x <worn on finger> Ring Of Water (-25), Pink Ice Ring (Plane Of Water)(-25), Ring Of The White Flame (-25)
2x <worn around neck> Pitch Black Scarf (-35), Cape Of The Merman (-35)
<worn on body> Empty Adamantine Shell(-110), Scale Mail Of Coral (-105), Mistmail (-80)
<worn on head> Jeweled Crown Of The Patriarchy (-95), Crown of the Rat King (-90)
<worn on legs> Essence Of Shadows (-40)
<worn on feet> Boots Of The Righteous Path (-20)
<worn on hands> Pair Of Simple Gloves(-15), Githyanki-Leather Gloves (-15), Reinforced Gloves(-15)
<worn on arms> Billowing Sleeves Of Vapor (-15)
<held in offhand> Shield Of Shadows (-95ac -100svs +200hp), Meteoric Tower Shield (-100 AC, -50 svs, +100hp, 10% chance to reduce failure of spells)
<worn about body> the master imager's robe(-35), Dark But See Through Cloak(-30), Black velvet cape (-30)
<worn about waist> Spiked Leather Belt(-35), Whirl Of Elusive Feathers(-35)
2x <worn on wrist> Show Of Loyalty (-15)
<wielded> Public Approval(lord, -22), Hazy Meteoric Longsword (-20), Bladed Silver Shield(hero, -20), Captain Dieme's Saber(hero, -20), Stiletto "Poignant Memories"(lord, -18, dr22)
<held> Comb Made Of Bone (b24-27 -10) or Treaty Of Purity Of Faith (-35, treasure) or Rod Of The Wicked Rulers (-35, treasure)