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Explorers of a new world, take care in your adventures as something is fishy in the village of Moonbay. Do not let the musk of fish, crab confuse your senses! Stay on alert. Tread carefully in the rough seas, their cemetery is full for a reason. Be sure to stop by Moonbay Temple, they're easily angered by ignorance of the gods, so be respectful of the moon, or you might not live to regret it!

- Mayflower, Sprite explorer

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Ginta


Walking route from Eragora default recall: 2s, d, 2s, e, 3s, 3e, 2s, 2e, 2s, e.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Binbinka.



The area is divided into two parts, the first being the village proper, with houses and shacks, surrounded by a boardwalk designed as a large square, and the second being the sea. Both parts are highly interconnected and joined at the pier. Navigation is largely trivial, with the minimally confusing nature of the underwater squares which connect directly to the shallows.


The village part of the area does not feature any hostile mobs with the hardly noticeable exception of the crabs to the far west. Those can be murderous, but are known to carry hero level frenzy pills. The village also contains some nice mana gear so pick fights if you so desire. The village shaman, Binbinka, is known to carry a Pearl-Tipped Staff, a sanctuary brand, which can spawn either at lowmort or at hero level (8 or 16 ticks). Thus, camping him may be profitable as it is the only such brand in the game.

The sea part of the area has some average difficulty fish in the shallows and nastier (and more numerous) sharks in the underwater rooms, and also contains two ships. Each ship carries an incredibly aggie and hard-hitting crew (7 mobs) so do not solo these rooms if you value your (hmm, non-dragon) life.

Overall the area is of easy-to-average difficulty compared to the rest of Eragora (with the exception of the crabs and the ships), and can be soloed with a caster or by a small hero group.

Also helpful is the auto-CR nature of the area, since it will do your CRs for you, and virtually every part of the area is relatively close to the local cloud (especially since the village has no aggies, so no speedwalking is required to get anywhere).

Pay attention to the multiple questlines that are available in this area, as they have nice rewards.


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