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Morte Vallta, a terrible place of dark magicks and foul beasts, has long been whispered of in the boasts of braggarts in the smoky taverns across Midgaardia. Said to have been the home of Azric the Undying, a powerful sorcerer, he shaped the valley for his own evil ends throughout the centuries of his life. For his enjoyment he created his Arena of Sport where creatures from this and other worlds did battle to the death as he cheered them on. Some rumors say that Azric the man no longer lives, having been replaced with something else after his magicks went too far into the darkness. Recent boasts overheard by Jake at the Dragon's Bane say that the valley has gone wild with creatures brought there long ago by Azric himself returning to a feral state of kill or be killed as they struggle for dominance. One madman was overheard raving of a creature made from the very stone walls of the valley itself, trying to bring the valley under the control of him and his ilk. But again, amongst barroom boasts, what can be trusted?

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Yevaud


Walking route from Aelmon: 14n, 8w, 3n, 6w, 4n, w, u, n, w, d, n, d, 2n, e, 2n, 2w, 2n, w, u, 2w, n, 2u, e, u, 3n, e, s, e, 2n, w, n, d, 2n, d, w, d, e, d, w.

Portaling point(s) suggested: giant vulture.



Head down from giant vulture. Navigation is mostly scan/kill. All the rooms are cursed, 6 rooms are anti-magic as well.


Mostly scan/kill. Area has a high mob density and fairly large range of mob levels. Can be very swarmy. Many of the mobs wield, a few cast spells, and a lot of them are aggressive. There are also six no-spell rooms, spread at random places. The non-aggie mobs are gargoyles, orcs, ogres, griffons, basilisks, harpies, unicorns, sleeping giant and duergar. The rest are aggie.

Notable mobs:

  • Tcho-tcho: poisons
  • Djinn: mindbender; dreads and scrambles among other things
  • Iadus/Oborus: Sanced and biggish
  • Collosus: Big, sanced and wields. Has no problem getting a hitter for *MANGLING* or above.
  • Azric: Big, sanced and casts spells. Has protection good, so takes a long time to kill.

This area also connects to one of the Ruined Lairs areas. To reach it, navigate the area to the far western side. The Ruined Lair entrance is 3n from the room called A Crossing, which connects to the Collosus' throne ascent to the west.


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