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Between the great city of Midgaard and the southern coast lies a desolate oak forest. Some say it is haunted; others maintain that an evil necromancer inhabits a dangerous tower deep within the wood. A few brave souls claim to have survived an encounter with a fearsome dragon whose lair is hidden in the forest.

Level Range: 40-45

Builder: AsaMaro


Walking route from Aelmon: 16s, e.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Kelsee.


Connects to the Highways/Great Wall, Necromancer's Tower, Defender's Graveyard & Aculeata Jatha-La



The level range for this area was tightened from 35-51 to 40-45 in March 2013, with the exception of the Hero level Ice Dragon and Knight. Casters around 39-41 might find it useful to approach from the Defender's Graveyard entrance, as this will take you to the field with the scarecrow and crows. That little area is non-aggie with a fair amount of level 41-42 mobs.


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