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The demon world of Neraka is the realm of the Demon house of Belag. Sent into exile here after his defeat by the hands of Kariya and Dyah Yuyun Utami, Belag is held captive in the Pinnacle of Angker. Many of his minions still dwell in this accursed place, hoping to escape from that dreaded realm and spread chaos through the multiverse once again.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Kariya


Walking route from Aelmon: 15e, [s], 4s, w, n, [d], [d].

Portaling point(s) suggested: Ajal (warning: aggressive).



The area is rather small. From the starting room (accessible via portal in Temple Of Utami) there is a straight path to a 4x3 set of rooms with the Highpriest in the middle. Going down from the southwestern corner will bring you to yet another mini-set of rooms with Ajal, and going straight south brings you to the Pool of Darkness. From here, due westwards is the quest path towards Belag.

Random rooms are uncursed, so recalling is possible without much effort.


Scarcely populated and rather small, Neraka is best known for its Symbol Of Darkness, found on the demon lord Belag, who resides behind a classic set of 5 quest doors with 5 key-bearing guardians. The Highpriest is involved in the Red Vial Quest, and can be found in the area center, generally upwards and then north-east from Ajal, who is a good portal point.

Otherwise, aside for sight-seeing, there isn't much here.


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