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 *                                                           *
 * The smell of smoke is strong in the northern edge of the  *
 * Rhuien Forest. Trees are burning, and underbrush scorched *
 * clear to the blackened earth. A Guardian of Eragora is    *
 * investigating the cause of the fiery precipitation, which *
 * is fine with me! I'll stick to my hidey-hole until it's   *
 * safe to go outside! This place is dangerous enough as is! *
 *                                                           *
 *                           - Rock Nemoy, Sprite Explorer   *
 *                                                           *

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Ginta


Walk north in Rhuien Forest.



This area appears to be entirely cursed with the ability to teleport out blocked.


Some mobs will rescue (Guardian of Eragora, Charred Rainbow Plant) and others will spawn larger mobs on death (Elemental Blizzard --> Elemental Tempest), or summon a larger mob to their aid while fighting (Thunder and Lightning --> Sundew).

Items to be found here include: a cloudstone (treasure), ashleaf leaf (trash), a well-worn notebook (scroll), a clawed glove (piercing weapon).


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