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If things don't seem right, claw, scratch and bite!

That is the motto of the Rippers, an order of fighters dedicated to using their own natural weaponry just as effectively as most use an axe or sword. Harnessing the animal within, Rippers learn new martial techniques to capitalize on their own racial abilities, most notably their claws. They often push their bodies to the breaking point in search of a better understanding of the animal inside. Trainers are typically found out in the wild, as they tend to be shunned by polite society. Like all Prestige Classes, they retain the base class's Prime Requisite, in this case, Strength.

The integration of the Ripper's feral self is a surprisingly harmonious one, such that the cannot become Berserkers. Likewise, they cannot become Paladins as the Paladin's weapon bond is antithetical to Ripper beliefs.

Sometimes, the Ripper's predeliction for wanton carnage and corpse mutilation catches the attention of the Dark Powers, allowing them to become Sorcerors, albeit at higher level than Mages.


  • level 50 Warrior
  • Low HP when speaking to the trainer
  • Racial-Claw race
  • Have killed a mob that gives experience, with the claw attack getting the terminal hit.

Abbreviation: Rip.

Rippers in General

Rippers do not get certain helpful curative spells such as: Cure Blindness, Cure Poison, Cure Disease. This means stocking up on some "casties" is helpful (i.e, the Ceramic Vial for cure blind). They also do not get a lot of mana, so even though they can learn spells like Sanctuary and Frenzy they can't cast them very often.

Ripper Creation

In order to prestige to Ripper you need to kill a mob that gives experience and the killing blow (terminal) has to be a claw strike.

Ripper Worship

The claws that ripper use are weapons created on the Ripper when they extend (m56 for hero, m130 for lord). As such, deities such as Werredan are most beneficial for Ripper, versus an open hand deity such as Gorn. In fact, Ripper do not learn the open hand ability.

Rippers at Lord Tier

Rippers can remort to Sorcerers at 150 (human) or 300 (current race).


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