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You have heard rumors of a fantastic inn called the Veil of Ecstasy, though none are truly sure of its location. According to legend, few who find this place ever want to leave. Once, a drunken elven bard told you a story of a group of evil psions called the Cult of Ecstasy who steal dreams to further their own power. Nobody knows for certain if the Cult has any connection to the fabled inn.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Dev


Walking route from Aelmon: 14n, 8w, 3n, 9w, n, 2u, e, u, 2n, e, [e], [n], [e], [d], d, e, n, 5e, 3n, 3e, s, 3w, [n], [w], 2w.

Portaling point(s) suggested: leper.


Navigation and Adventuring

This is a huge hero area with lots of good gear too. Definitely worth a look. There are several portions. Some general tips: There are several mindbender sprites here which can psyphon, awe, scramble, overconfidence, dread and panic. Wearing save vs spell gear will help you avoid scramble and dread most of the time. You'll still get overconfidenced regularly though.

Leper is the main pp (he steals money unless you're hidden). n, e from there is the inn. You can find a few guardians here and in the inn with chained sickles. They can't see move hidden, so you can avoid them if you want. north is the inn, with the aggie innkeeper. The inn has four portions. Most of the inn is cursed, so be ready for a tricky CR if you die.

Down from innkeeper are a few psitorturers and prisoners.

Up from innkeeper is the second floor of the inn. Here you can find Cyskadella with the shiny brass key – needed to open the door to Eschard's room and access the nightmares portion of the area. You can also find some guardians and cultists here (some with and some without bows). The cultists carry the single silver archer's gauntlet.

All north from innkeeper is Warla who carries the Hand Crossbow. Drinking from the fountain in Warla's room will take you to the dreams portion of the inn. There are cultists, dreams and sprites here. All of them wander. The cultists (except the tripping cultist) are good xp and so are the sprites (though they are sanced). The dreams are somewhat less xp. There are a couple of rooms here titled "A dream of escape", which are non-cursed and safe (no mobs wander into them).

n, {w} from innkeeper (using the shiny key from Cyskadella) is Eschard's room. Eschard detonates and is in a nospell room, so he's usually speedwalked. If you get caught, flee and try again. Entering the window from Eschard will take you to the nightmares portion of the inn. This is the biggest and funnest portion with a very high mob density (very good place to acid rain). There are various kinds of mobs here (in increasing order of xp):

a) Mutilated males (headless, armless and various other kinds) are the most common mobs. They're not aggie.

b) Pain elementals.

c) Dream Basilisk (bite can poison and disease).

d) Shadow on the moon (is invis, but can be deduced using infravision).

d) Lady Cruelty (on scan as a "wicked woman tries to seduce you").

e) Torture, father of the pain elementals (good xp).

f) Various sprites (all sanced and mindbenders). Ophanya carries the short, black wooden pike and silver astral gauntlets.

g) Various nightmares (good xp).

h) The ultimate nightmare (southeastish and down). There are 4 Ultimate Nightmares, all very aggressive. First one is "just" a flame breather. But your nightmare isn't over. The second one is a corpse eater. What, you're still alive? The third one is a detonator. Were you planning on dying? Because the last one is a stomper. Sneak/move and invis will not protect you. There are no obvious exits from this room, so berserkers beware.

There are a couple of safe rooms here. The nightmares are in rooms by themselves and thus are safe after you kill them (until they repop). The Giant's nightmare (having a hero sling) is non-aggie and thus safe. The room just above the ultimate nightmare is also safe.

The mutilated males are not generally worth it to kill by themselves, but since there are so many of them, you can sometimes acid rain a big room. As always, use a charged shield with arc lightning when acid raining. Since all the mobs wander, you can generally find a room where they are bunched up together and so you can acid rain them.


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