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There have been many rumors over the years regarding a group
of divine adherents who have come to be known as Viziers. Some
people whisper about suspected links to a fallen god from the
Second Giant-Ent war while others joyfully tell tales of the
miraculous healing they have received from the order.

Their utter reluctance to use any form of weapons or shields
while staunchly supporting their comrades has earned them
a grudging form of respect despite their ... unusual methods.

The following is a torn off page from a Vizier recruitment
brochure found in Midgaard:

The Bond is Love!

When life is cold and dark and cruel

The Bond is Love!

Where "pious" men deceive and trick and fool

The Bond is Love!

If you yearn for wisdom and peace and truth

The Bond is Love!

Come join us and join the GREAT BOND

The Bond is Love!

The Bond is Love!


Abbreviation: Viz.

Base Class: Cleric.

Prime Requisite: Wisdom.

Viziers in General

All viziers learn both healing and damage spells, area as well as targeted. However they cannot wield or hold (offhand) items and cannot worship.

Vizier Creation

To become a Vizier you need ...

  1. Level 50 Cleric.

Once these requirements have been met, seek out Alcanus (portable) in the [[Second Level of Tower ]] in Midgaard, and she will induct you.

Alcanus is portalable however should you wish to walk from Aelmon follow this route:

West, west, south, south, up

Good creatable races for viz have decent hp, nofail, and spell reduction. Cen is probably the best with good hp/mana and a divine mod. elf/drow is good. liz is acceptable if remorting to tua. Ent also has a divine mod. Dwf has a divine mod but you'll find the high fail rate to be quite annoying until they get to 97%.

Viziers get rerolled when they prestige, to include their practice points. Also lowhero viz can be tough. An option is to do the first 100 hero levels as cleric and save 200 practices to prestige NLT 100. You can use the excess practices to get spells/skills prior to prestige.

Viziers at Lowmort Tier

DC Quests

These are very tough as a viz. If remorting race, it's worth considering staying a cle until after remort. You can also rebirth back to cleric, do lowmort as a cleric, then re prestige. This method will NOT clear your creatable dc insigs.

Viziers at Hero Tier


Phlebotomize, cures, and healing spells until you get viz spells at 100.


Viziers cannot worship


Soloing: Very tedious. Wear mana gear to regen then swap to AC to fight. Use surged harm (or desiccate but out-of-class lag is bad) to get mob down to big nasty wounds then cast phlebotomize from there.

Tanking: Viz aren't great tanks, due to no wield slots, ooc rescue, and lag. Their best spells are cast at the end/after a fight, and require between a half round to a full round of lag, which slows down the run.

Hitting: Viz hit terribly when a mob is between excellent and big nasty wounds, but hit quite well when the mob is at awful. Blood nova is the most powerful hero area spell in the game, but requires a pool in order to cast it.

Healing: Vizers are some of the best healers in the game. You will need to find a balance of casting phleb to gain mana, and final rites/sanguen pax to heal while at the same time not slowing the group down. Phlebotomize will do terrible damage and cost you mana if cast when the mob is between excellent health and big nasty wounds. Phleb allows you to GAIN mana when cast on a mob that is pretty or awfully hurt (as well as doing decent damage). Mana gains/damage are based on racial spell cost, surge level, and how hurt the mob is. Maximum mana is gained at surge 0, awful (50 for a liz, 55 for tua, 53 for hel, 58 for hie, 58 for cen). To create pools, you must first cast final rites on a mob. Final rites has a very short spell lag. After a mob with final rites is killed, a pool will be created that can then be used with sanguen pax (or blood nova if looking to deal damage). Sanguen pax has a medium spell lag (half a round or so) and will heal all group members in the room. Healing amount is based on augment level and racial/gear/quest bonuses/negatives. Expect 400+ hp per cast at augment 0. Augment 2 will give 600+. If there are multiple viz in the group, final rites only needs to be cast once per mob, and there is a chance that an extra pool will form at the end of a fight.


Viziers typically run in either mana gear, tank gear, or a mix. Having a pool of 500+ mana can be helpful for many reasons. Having more than 1000 is probably excessive. Here is a list of "viz" gear (ac/mana).

Viziers at Lord Tier

About the same as hero, except that you can gain mana when a mob is at big nasty, and you should use augment and surge a lot more often.

FDK Viz heals for around 900 augment off, 1700 augment 2.

Vizier Remort Options

Viz have no remort classes available to them. Good remort races are any with good hp, reduced spell cost, and no fail (tua/hie are popular).

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