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There have been many rumors over the years regarding a group
of divine adherents who have come to be known as Viziers. Some
people whisper about suspected links to a fallen god from the
Second Giant-Ent war while others joyfully tell tales of the
miraculous healing they have received from the order.

Their utter reluctance to use any form of weapons or shields
while staunchly supporting their comrades has earned them
a grudging form of respect despite their ... unusual methods.

The following is a torn off page from a Vizier recruitment
brochure found in Midgaard:

The Bond is Love!

When life is cold and dark and cruel

The Bond is Love!

Where "pious" men deceive and trick and fool

The Bond is Love!

If you yearn for wisdom and peace and truth

The Bond is Love!

Come join us and join the GREAT BOND

The Bond is Love!

The Bond is Love!


Abbreviation: Viz.

Base Class: Cleric.

Prime Requisite: Wisdom.

Viziers in General

All viziers learn both healing and damage spells, area as well as targeted. However they cannot wield or hold (offhand) items and cannot worship.

Vizier Creation

To become a Vizier you need ...

  1. Level 50 Cleric.

Once these requirements have been met, seek out Alcanus (portable) in the [[Second Level of Tower ]] in Midgaard, and she will induct you.

Alcanus is portalable however should you wish to walk from Aelmon follow this route:

West, west, south, south, up





Viziers at Lowmort Tier

DC Quests

These are very tough as a viz. If remorting race it's worth considering staying a cle until after remort.

Viziers at Hero Tier









Soloing: Very tedious. Wear mana gear to regen then swap to AC to fight. Use surged harm (or desiccate but out-of-class lag is bad) to get mob down to big nasty wounds then cast phlebotomize from there.

Tanking: ??? badly?

Hitting: ??? only via spells?

Healing: ??? quite well?

Viziers at Lord Tier


Vizier Remort Options


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