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The High Drow kept to themselves, consolidating their power rather than expanding like their surface-dwelling cousins. Legends say they built the greatest city ever known, the darkly beautiful Reveria'Valsi, rumored to be over twice the size of Midgaard and richer than a thousand palaces. Somewhat xenophobic, they even exiled those born as modern drow, to the surface or into servitude to the Duergar. Centuries later, High Drow society was divided in its allegiances in the Second War of Giants and Ents. Fighting broke out among them, but they were never to resolve their civil conflict, as the Armies of Evil destroyed the massive cavern, burying Reveria entirely. Those who did not die immediately eventually starved, or fell victim to unnamed monsters of the underworld, or went mad and died screaming alone in the cavernous depths. With Reveria'Valsi utterly lost and the High Drow annihilated, their descendants built a new city elsewhere underground. (The ruins are a huge region comprised of areas submitted for the 3rd Annual Area Building Contest.)

Level Range: 25-25

Builder: Dev


Walking route from Aelmon: 14n, 8w, n, e.

Walking route from Ailne: 4e.

Walking route from drow spectre: s.

Portaling point(s) suggested: none.


A list of areas connected to the Ruins of Reveria:


This cave is a proper big maze. Really fun to explore and make sense of! It is the walking connection of a lot of areas, both hero and lowmort. In itself it is safe and due to lack of mobs probably not worth running, its danger lies in stumbling into some highly aggie areas.


One way to make use of this area for running purposes is if you are fighting alot in Orkenhome, and find your alignment dropping, you can pop out and into the Ruins to find a few wimpy scavangers to kill and raise your alignment back up, while still getting a bit of xp.


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