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When one normally thinks of a Dragon, they may imagine a powerful, fire-breathing, reptilian creature. While this description is often apt, other types of Dragons also exist in our Realm:

The shadowy Black Dragons
The Blue Dragons of the Ocean
The venomous Green Dragons
The White Dragons of the Frozen North

Despite the differences between the Dragon subraces, they share many similarities. They are all huge creatures that are physically powerful and magically gifted. They all also share certain racial abilities. All Dragons have use of their distinctive breath, claw, and tail attacks in combat. Likewise, all Dragons are protected by dense scales. Dragons can regain small amounts of health by eating corpses, and their powerful, leathery wings allow them to fly.

It is told that Quixoltan occasionally honors a valiant Dragon by allowing them to change their Chromatic alignment. Those in search of such glory should make a pilgrimage to his temple.


For more information read about the quest.

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