Domovoi's Treasure Quest

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  1. Start the quest by giving 100 coins to the old weathered beggar in Mervue (pp Banker, 1s, all w).
  2. Visit Tainted Isle
  3. Hatch you need to access is on the second layer, under Deep within the undergrowth
  4. Key to open the hatch is on the Treasure Seeking Adventurer, on third layer. You can murder him for the key and ignore any knowledge he may impart (in a true heroic fashion).
  5. There are two levers and a chest in the center. Pull the levers in either room, left and right, until you hit a combination that works. Chest will open.
  6. Give its contents to the beggar to get 5 Quest Points. The End.

You will also gain the Finder Of Domovoi's Treasure Insignia.

  • Alternatively, instead of returning to the beggar, go to the mob the adventurer mentioned and give him the loot.
  • Give him Domovoi's Sleeves Of Knowledge to upgrade them.

Note: You can redo this quest as many times as you wish but the QP will only be assigned once and returning loot to the beggar again will have no effect. However, this allows you to upgrade multiple Domovoi's Sleeves from whatever alt you desire.

Note: This cannot be done on a lord. You must do this on a hero.