Far Hunter Tattoo Quest

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  • After arriving to the Rim, go wild.
  • Eventually you will have attracted the attention of one or more sea deities that dwell there.
  • Kill them all.

<spoiler> You can see what sea deity you're attracting by the color of the special death messages:

  • Lumoloth - no messages,
  • Crattenos - red blood message,
  • Muo Wishene - blue floating corpses messages,
  • Mnephrikos - black messages that sink below the surface.

Once you achieve enough kills for a specific sea deity, a special message will appear and the sea deity will start hunting you. Be prepared - both to kill it and to skin it as some of them yield good items.

Leaving the area will reset your progress to zero and you will have to start your murdering spree afresh. So, don't leave until done, be prepared to respell self and group, and grab the utensil aforehand so you can finish the quest immediately.</spoiler>

  • Far Hunter will want to tattoo your achievements onto your skin so find an appropriate utensil.

<spoiler>This is a tricky one as it requires a skinner to be present. Break through the Fog and into the Pocket of Calm Water. There you should be able to locate a squid. Skin it for Quill and Ink, and then go back to the Hunter. Give him the item. He will return it to you immediately so you can use it again on another party member.</spoiler>