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Over the years, practitioners of the magical arts have gathered together numerous little tidbits of knowledge about the strange ways that things behave. The more useful parts of this information are collectively known as "magic lore". Those who have assimilated this lore know instinctively the way that an enchanted weapon quivers when it is waved, the degree of power within a potion, the particular manner in which an evil doublet will refuse to lace up, and a veritable gaggle of other bits of information that collectively make magic lore a useful addition to one's knowledge. Additionally, those versed in magic lore who have reached level 25 are always exactly aware of what spells and skills affect them and for how long.

Prerequisite(s): Lore.

Syntax: examine <object>.

This skill is handy for characters of spellcasting classes, and is useful for any character wanting to check his/her/its buffing-spells' duration.

If you don't have magic lore, here is a guide of hero duration spells. Those needing edits are noted in parentheses. Someone could also add in lord duration.

For seemingly forever 51+ (or continuous)
For a very long time 26-50
For a long time 11-25
For a while 6-10
For a small amount of time 4-5
For a tiny amount of time 2-3
Seems to be wavering 0-1