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In a number of obscure texts and scrolls is passing mention of something known as the Order. Knowledge about the Order seems to have died along with the forgotten city Thalos, but a few clues have correlated it and a place known as Stonegaard Keep. The location was thought lost until Heroes discovered that it and accursed Shadow Keep were one and the same.

Every so often in decades past, a young scholar believing to have made a breakthrough in the study of the Order would make the trek to Shadow Keep, braving the ogres and hounds North of Ofcol, to meditate in the keep's library, hoping for an insight. They stopped making the journey when they gradually realized that nobody was returning.

NOTE: This quest is for heroes not of the "low" variety, though there is no sublevel requirement. Grouped players can participate together.

This quest, when completed, will grant Agent Of The Order Insignia. The quest can be repeated for material rewards, but the rewards tied to the insignia will not be granted again.

Quest Rundown

Disclaimer: My memory is frail and the following information may be incomplete, inaccurate or entirely made up. If you ran the quest recently feel free to update the guide. -- WinterRose 03:14, 11 September 2013 (EDT)

Quest starts with the players entering the Shadow Keep and locating the librarian's ghost. Upon getting his attention by <spoiler>meditating</spoiler> they are charged with fixing a book of the old order - book, and its lost page or pages (2 pieces) can be found on the Keep's main floor - look in the hidden library, altar in the chapel, and the library itself. You will also have to complete the garb of the old order by getting the Ring Of Truth, and the Small, Silver Crucifix.

Now you need to clear up the shadows and undead. This is the funny part of the quest; locations (do reference the map, it's helpful):

  1. First order of business: Cellblock in the basement - clear the skeletons from 3 inhabited cells by branding first. After combat look for remaining skeletons. Report to Librarian after this.
  2. Second wave: Southern Dead-End room (wraiths)in the tunnels further, Barred Watchtower outside the keep (hound dogs), northern ruined gate room (zombies). When dealing with one of these rooms, all the relevant mobs from the nearby rooms will swarm in for a lovely survival horror flavor.

To clear the rooms, ensure you are wearing the 3 items, brandish the cross (yes, even if archer), the mobs will register this by becoming vulnerable, then destroy them. If the character cannot brandish, get a groupie. That is probably why the quest is group-based anyway.

Report to Librarian and go do the last part he requires.

Once finally done, return to the librarian, present proof, and then repeat the starting social and get a reward of 2012 XP and the sceptre which can later be used to stop undead (rot cor and similar) from fleeing. You can rerun the quest (no XP reward but new sceptres are available) to get more of these tools - they help if you find the fleeing mobs annoying and you like soloing in the graveyard.