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I'm a mapper and explorer, builder and caretaker, occasional tester and bug hunter 
as chance would have it, meddler in things I shouldn't be meddling in, and hopefully
someone you can talk to about whatever you want - from areas and quests to mechanics
and gameplay strategies. I'm here to help, don't be shy and approach me if you need

I have many alts serving many roles. My preference lies at hero gameplay where I
consider AVATAR to be at its strongest. To me, Lord isn't so enjoyable due to a lack
of soloing opportunities and free-form exploration, which I value above the 
day-to-day XP grind.

As such, in order to familiarize myself with the game, I've mapped a number of areas.
I continue to map new areas as they roll in, because it's a relaxing way to spend
time. If you wish to replace or augment any of my maps with your own, go ahead. I'd
be glad to see other players make their own maps!

Some other activities I've been doing:
* As opportunities arise, I've tried to give my own voice to the game and have
  crafted a number of areas and stand-alone quests. You can see these here and 
  there in the game, and hopefully I get the chance to do more. 
* During May 2011, Eragora rolled in. Here is a small tongue-in-cheek "guide" I
  wrote while endlessly enjoying myself exploring the continent.
* At January 2012 eternal HOGathon, I did a small experiment on racial gains. You 
  can see the results and the conclusion here: Racial Gains.
* At January 2013 I tried to answer the great question: "Did Pulse lie?" Turns out
  he did not, but it's an ongoing investigation requiring many more years of data.
  (Bollocks, but collecting data is fun.)

I spend time in a buddyset created for our guild, the Surveyors and Mappers Guild.
The guild motto is simple - Explore and Experience the World, and of course,
have fun while at it. We're a small bset of people with similar interests, some
unofficial builders, mappers, explorers, that sort of company. If you don't put
too much stock in XP, you're more than welcome to sign up. Otherwise, some other
more XP oriented buddysets may suit you better.

Personally, I'm a 30+ year old network engineer and sysadmin, CEO of a small 
publishing company and live a lifestyle conductive to MUDding. I'm married, have 
wife and two kids, and consider playing Avatar a superior experience to any other
game online. Text-based descriptions have no equivalent competitor in graphical 
games since there is no graphics that will ever beat my imagination.

You are free to contact me at, should you ever need me.