Racial Archery Modifier

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Every race has a racial archery modifier associated with it. This number is factored in to all damage dealt with a bow, crossbow, sling or other ranged weapon, and does not do anything else (with the possible exception of throwing weapons, but this requires testing). Because we can't be sure exactly what the number is, we have simply assigned each race a rating of -1 to 3, with -1 being a penalty to physical damage, 0 meaning "no modifier", and 3 being the best modifier possible. Please note that these are necessarily simplified, as archery includes three numbers (damage, accuracy, critical) and it is not known whether racial archery modifiers affect each to an equal degree.

There is also a separate melee damage modifier for each race.

Please note that all of this information is from memory and may not be completely accurate. Extensive testing has not been done, but archers are well-known so this should be pretty close to correct. Racial combinations that have never been created (eg. gol arc) have been tested via miraar. Ents are a special case: they have a 100% miss rate.

The scale here is only approximate; but a few races can be ranked relatively. Drow have a (very slightly) lower archery modifier than elves. Tuataurs have a modifier somewhat lower than drow.

Legendary 3
Great 2
Good 1
Average 0
Terrible -1

Creatable Races Archery Modifiers
Race  Size  Racial Archery Modifier
Centaur 4L 3
Deep Gnome 2S 0
Draconian 3M -1
Drow 3M 2
Duergar 2S 0
Dwarf 2S 0
Elf 3M 2
Ent 4vL -100
Firedrake 4vS-vL -1
Gargoyle 3M -1
Giant 4vL -1
Gnome 2S 0
Goblin 2S -1
Halfling 2S 0
Half-Elf 3M 1
Half-Orc 3M 1
Harpy 3M 1
Human 3M 0
Imp 2vS-vL -1 to 0
Kobold 2S -1
Kzinti 3M 0
Lizardmen 3M 0
Ogres 4L -1
Orc 3M 1
Troglodyte 3M -1

Remort Races Archery Modifiers
Race  Size  Racial Archery Modifier
Demonseed 2S 1
Dragon 4vL -1
Golem 4L -1
Griffon 4L -1
High Elf 3M 3
Hobgoblin 2S -1
Minotaur 4L -1
Miraar 3M n/a
Sprite 1vS 0.5
Troll 4L 0
Tuataur 3M 1