Rapture Slavery Quest

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This quest confers the Eragora - The Abolisher Insignia or Eragora - Slave Hunter Insignia, and is located within Rapture on Eragora.

To start, talk to Grek'gor and/or Barol Kleft and pick a side. pp raccoon, 2wnew. Bloodsucking insects in the swamp will aggie, goal is to navigate swamp maze to get to cottage. Recommend you set recall at the cottage. Enter cottage, talk to Barol. Barol asks you to kill Brutus, then Grek'gor. Come back to him with their corpses. You need a pair of corpses/player in the group, and Grek'gor/Brutus instantly repop if someone starts the quest with Barol again (they cannot be alive to finish quest chain).

I go straight to the cottage to start quest with Barol. Go and get the final blow on grek and brutus and loot. Bring uniform/slinger back to barol and give him uniform. He will give you gems.

Rewards for this quest are 200 explosive bolts if you ally with the slavers or money (3mil) if you ally with the slaves.