Restoring Mark V (Part 2) Quest

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Once you are aware what the crystal shaft and the anchor are supposed to help with, you can go and seek help from some powerful wizards on how to activate the ... Markfaifeir O'Gnawtenjin.

You get to go on a pilgrimage and visit many of the powerful wizards of the realm and help many of them with obscure or arcane tasks. It takes a long while.

  • You will need a skinner or other player's help with skinning at some point.
  • You will need a brute group at another point.
  • You might have to visit new places and look for stuff you likely had no clue existed (and certainly doesn't show up on locate).

If you do this all and return with your investigation results to Angharad, The Hediad, you will be semi-equipped to restore Mark V.

It's a five step procedure, and Angharad is actually exclaiming the command sequences, only garbled, with unnecessary additions (strip the prayer bits) - consult your papers and form proper commands.

If you succeed, you get the honor to activate your weapon's special powers (see Restoring Mark V (Part 1) Quest) for approximately one day in five (similar to the Watermark Tattoo activation).

Write down the activation phrase and go look for the appropriate spots - which are many. Choice of the spot affects the Touch Of The Heavenly Host Insignia's bonuses - so you actually get to pick what you need.

Note: Once activated, powers last as long as insignia lasts and have nothing to do with the weapon itself. Even an archer can wield a spear, get additional HR, and then just swap back to a regular bow.